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Nadya Suleman's birth of octuplets surprised the world. But what did she look like during pregnancy? Seriously -- how big would that pregnant belly need to be to have room for 8 babies?!

What does carrying 8 babies look like? The octuplets' mom (aka Octomom) Nadya Suleman showed TMZ.com how she looked just over a week before giving birth on January 26, 2009.

Here's a front-view of Nadya Suleman's heavily pregnant belly with an incredible eight people inside:

pregnant octuplet mom's belly - front view

And here, Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) shows off her octuplets before birth in this side-view photo, taken at about 29 weeks of pregnancy.

mom of octuplets during pregnancy - side view

Octomom's pregnancy & birth

The now infamous "Octo-mom" Nadya Suleman was put on bed rest when she was 23 weeks pregnant, and delivered the eight tiny babies at 30 weeks. Born 10 weeks premature, the newborn octuplets weighed between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.

Suleman was implanted with 6 embryos via IVF (in-vitro fertilization). She was thought to be carrying 7 babies (one embryo split into twins), which would have meant septuplets. But after the first seven preemies were born, the doctor -- and everyone else in the delivery room -- was surprised to find that there was an eighth baby still inside.

>> Pregnancy - Twins and Multiples

For the octuplets' names, she gave each of them Biblical first names, then they all have the middle name Angel, followed by her last name.

Octuplet names:

   1.   Noah Angel Solomon (boy)
   2.   Jonah Angel Solomon (boy)
   3.   Jeremiah Angel Solomon (boy)
   4.   Josiah Angel Soloman (boy)
   5.   Isaiah Angel Solomon (boy)
   6.   Maliyah Angel Solomon (girl)
   7.   Makai Angel Solomon (boy)
   8.   Nariyah Angel Solomon (girl)

Together with her other 6 children (ages 8 and under), Suleman is now the single mom of 14 kids.

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Comments on "Octuplet mom: Nadya Suleman's pregnancy photos"

Moses January 19, 2014 | 10:10 AM

Hello all over there, you guys are really amazing. Nadia is a brave woman and don't you guys think that she's better than the women who drop and some times kill there new born kidds. This woman liked kidds and she got them and more than that she has done a great job to look after them. Some of you who are commentating have even no babies and you are just speaking bad words to her. Go to hell !!

amiee January 16, 2014 | 3:37 PM

how the flipping heck is your stomoch that big no affence was a bit of a shock really??

OMG! June 06, 2013 | 3:04 PM

Kill yourself and Jess, this is to you, I also threw up in my mouth a little when i started reading how ppl think this idiot is wonderful! I cannot believe this lady, 14 children?!?! She does not even look like she can take care of herself much less 14 ppl who will be looking at her like what do we do next..... LOSER and now WE will have to pay for it. IQ tests should also come with ALL pregnancy tests, it should be mandatory!!!

fgdhddfan September 14, 2012 | 2:55 PM

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ashley May 26, 2012 | 2:54 PM

i think people need to stop stressing about what life choices she makes. im sure if i started digging far enough into your life id find something people wouldnt like about u either. so since your not perfect i wouldnt worry about her if i were u.

LEAH May 06, 2011 | 12:52 PM

Not being funny 'kill yourself', but who are you to judge people with more than 4 children? There are 5 in my family and we are all doing great and we're not using 'your money' to pay for us. My dad has always worked to provide for our family, and we aren't in any way 'ashamed' of the amount of us there are. If someone believes they can give the love, affection, attention and money to more than 4 children what business is it of yours? You're the one 'putting a damper on the standard of living' and I personally thing you are the 'mentally deranged' one wanting to start a genocide. How about you be the first one gone to help the economy?

Ashleigh April 11, 2011 | 9:30 AM

I find it quite interesting that you all bring up tax dollars... Your going to pay them regardless, and her and her children are much more worthy of using it than the scum who charges it in the first place. If you people really cared about where your tax money was going, and weren't just sitting around moaning and complaining about this women, you would probably see something worth concern and action. Unless you intend to do something about the tax problem, do not sit around complaining about where it may go. We all pay taxes, so the amount of your money going to her wouldn't even be 0.001 percent... Get over it... Other than that, I do think shes crazy, because I could not imagine carrying 7 babies... That looks SOOOO Painful... I'm glad there's only one in me.. Lol. I wish the babies well! As for the ignorant people wasting there time being jerks... Get a life, for real... Your no better than anyone else, so get over yourself.

dana March 05, 2011 | 5:07 PM

fantastic job the woman is good mammy

Ashanukool January 21, 2011 | 3:12 AM

Pregnancy photos of Octuplet mom Nadya are really scary and to know that she opted for this by 6 embryos IVF is one real big risk on her life that she took whether for fame or money, I really hope she loves them and takes good care of them.

Shafiya January 19, 2011 | 7:58 AM

octuplet mom,very dangerous pregnancy photos

Gargi January 18, 2011 | 7:19 AM

I was shcoked to see pregnancy photos of octuplet mom.

hi January 17, 2011 | 4:39 AM

i felt somewhat fear after seeing this pregnancy photos

Caleena December 27, 2010 | 2:20 PM

I agree that children are a blessing... I'd rather feed her kids than buy the presidents wife a thousand dollar pair of shoes. Leave her be and mind your business. Back in the day there were tons of people in poverty (and still are) people having ten or fourteen children, maybe she just wanted to get it over with all at once. Judge not lest you be judged first! I'd hope all these hateful comment having people not have any children that would be taught to grow up and stereo type and judge. God bless this woman and her babies :)

brianna November 27, 2010 | 5:31 PM

its not a childs fault who thier parent is. yeah she may not be the smartest person and she may be greedy. but no one has the right to blame a child who cannot help who brought them into this world. those children are just little innocent people. be an ADULT and dont blame children for thier parents mistakes.

kill yourself October 04, 2010 | 12:14 PM

This woman is a public icon of stupidity. Wasn't this lady a stripper? Was she paying her way through Harvard or just enough to support her meth addiction. Not only is she robbing the state with a smile and a pack of blood hungry screaming gorillas, but she will also get a TV show, endorsements and support from outside individuals. We are rewarding a person who is mentally deranged. We must start a genocide program to kill off the the mentally incapable of common sense. In addition this john and Kate or the cavemen with 19 kids should not be endorsed by the media when the thing that is needed the least is more people. the agrandizing of having more than 4 children is a shameful thing to do and horrible for the economy and in turn puts a damper on the standard of living.

dont judge September 24, 2010 | 8:14 PM

we are nobody to judge her.... every child is a blessing most of you's needs to get over yourself. So, she's having 8 kids and already has more. So she's using tax dollars, who cares. that money should be spent on people not on stupid , the government spends it on.

chelsea September 22, 2010 | 2:43 PM

She did it for the money. I don't want to pay out of my own pocket in taxes to feed her stupidity.

Jefnabi August 14, 2010 | 3:22 PM

Nothing is ever gonna be same again..... i am only 5 week pregnant.....after seeing this.... i dont think i can sleep....... i am dead scare to even think about labor room.....oooooo god..... i dono how she is able to walk......what if u fall on ya belly.... wont you have back pain.. well i guess shez really strong women....... scary .....realllyyy scary.....

Erica August 12, 2010 | 5:42 PM

This is crazy and wild!!! She has 14 children and so many people have so many negative things to say especially how she is using tax dollars.The thing that gets me is no one has said anything about the famous Duggers family of 18 kids and counting !!!!!! The mom doesn't work and Dad doesn't make that much money to actually support 20 PEOPLE!! but look at them. they're famous and people "look up" to them. I had not heard a negative comment yet about them! Maybe she will become famous one day also!!!!!

dianna June 14, 2010 | 6:37 PM

This woman is doing a fantastic job of taking care of her 14 georgous children. Well yeah, she could of thought twice before she got the eggs transplanted in her uterus.But seriously, people sould shut their mouths and stop saying bad things about nadya... okay?!She doesn't need 14 kids, and yeah... maybe she sould really get some more help but otherwise she is a hero!have you all seen the show 19 kids in county? that woman had way more kids than nadya and she made them all by herself!she had problems too with her kids.so to all you people that have been talking trash about nadya... i say go to h***!

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