Celeb Baby Names In The Spotlight

Hollywood's celebrities will never cease to amaze us. See what wacky celebrity baby girl names and baby boy names that they've come up with over the years… Audio Science and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily are some of our favorites. See what other celebrity baby names top the lists!

Celebrity Baby Names of 2008
Find a fun list of 2008's best celebrity baby names and decide for yourself which celebrity baby girl names and baby boy names are the most creative, classic or just plain crazy.



50 Celebrity Baby Names in the Spotlight
Celebrity baby names are often strange and shocking, but definitely draw attention.  The UK Times Online recently published their 50 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names list… see what celebrity baby names topped the list!

Have You Named Your Baby Yet?
Connect with other expectant parents and see what creative baby names they are considering for their babies.

10 Creative Ways to Find the Perfect Baby Name
We know that choosing the perfect baby name can be overwhelming. Use this list for 10 creative ways to find the perfect name for your little one.


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