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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit the orthodontist for a checkup no later than age 7. If this is your child's first visit, be prepared with a list of important questions. Each situation warrants its own specific inquiries about the severity of your child's dental problems.

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questions for your child's orthodontist

  1. What is your experience as an orthodontist?  Did you graduate from a two-to-three year accredited orthodontic program?  Which one?
  2. What are your fees for services? Are they fixed?  What do your fees cover?
  3. What extra costs could possibly arise throughout treatment?
  4. Do you recommend braces or a different kind of treatment?  Why?
  5. Is my child the right age for treatment? What would happen if we waited?
  6. What are the advantages of early treatment? 
  7. In your opinion, what is best for my child?
  8. Will my child require follow-up treatment after having braces?  Will my child need retainers?  For how long?
  9. Are there different types of braces or ways to move teeth? What will work best for my child and why?
  10. How long will the treatment last?
  11. If any, how much discomfort will my child experience? How can we treat this?
  12. What are my and my child's responsibilities during and after treatment?

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