Attention New Moms!

As told to Kate Meyers

Actress Kim Raver wants you to benefit from her sleepless nights: Here, the difficult (and wonderful) lessons she learned about taking care of yourself while taking care of your kids.

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6. Let boys be boys

"I was at my son's school for Mother's Day, and there were three of us moms who looked like we had just fallen out of the washing machine: Our hair was sticking up, our clothes were totally mismatched and rumpled. And I see this other group of women who are completely coiffed and pressed and perfect, and I was like, What's the deal? Kim Raver and her son LeoAnd the mothers who were disheveled, our boys were on tricycles and scooters, and there was this huge pile tumbling in the dirt, and we were trying to separate them. And the completely pulled-together group, all of their kids – all girls! – were sitting at a table, having a little tea party, and I was like, There lies the difference.

I know it's a total stereotype and I am totally a feminist, but I gotta tell you: I will go out to dinner with Brooke [Shields, Kim's Lipstick Jungle costar] and her girls. And, granted, my son is really chill. He's really chill, but still he'll be climbing up over my head while Brooke's daughter Rowan is just sitting there. But I love it. I love having boys."

7. Notice everything

"This morning, Luke and I were running out the door to his school, and he was in his corduroy jeans and his little boots and his corduroy jacket with his cool little hat, and he started skipping. And so I started skipping down the street with him singing, 'Skip, skip, skip to my Lou' and I was like, Oh, my God, and I had this flash of the streets of New York and the taxis and the smell of winter and snow, and it reminded me of my childhood, which was great.

"I really can't imagine my life without the experience of being a mom. When my son hugs me and tells me, 'I love you so much,' it makes everything ... 'cause there are moments when you're like, How am I going to do all this? I'm up making Luke's lunch, packing him up for the day. I'm trying to read and memorize my lines. I worked till 4 in the morning, but I got up at 5:30 because I'm nursing, and I gotta get my kid ready. But when I'm with my family, it's amazing to think, Wow, my husband and I made these kids. It's this very simple, natural thing, but it's just great. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

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Comments on "What every new mom must know: Kim Raver"

Peter July 11, 2012 | 5:16 AM

Megan !This beautiful piece of art is your micarle .. the beginning of a new life! Congratulations! Enjoy each day .. don't loose a moment of the excitment, joy and happiness of one tiny, tiny beautiful little blessed infant .. she's a real person already! My wishes for much happiness and good health for the three of you ..I thank Alexandra for keeping me posted on the girls I had learned to love and adore thruout your childhood, and adusthood .. thank you for sharing beautiful Jennifer with me .. God bless you ..A reminder .. Giovanna as you know is better known as Alexandra's Mama G and until this day AND all the tomorrows she will always be my very special loving Princess, my Alexandra. I do miss her so .. but each night I hold her so dear to me ..I just know you are learning that feeling already, having Jennifer .. each day your love will be more glorious than yesterday .. more greater tomorrow .. how wonderful for all the mysteries of life the tomorrows will bring ..Love you a bunch, Meggan .. always g xoxo

ireen October 01, 2008 | 11:57 AM

being a great actress, a great spokesperson for Unicef, and also a great mom, the multiple-identity has made Kim more attractive. I think everyone should join the Unicef program with Kim. http://drink1give10 For the good cause!!

layla September 17, 2008 | 4:56 AM

My friend just sent me this site and I am so thankful. I am a new mom by 12 days. My little Jonathan is truly a miracle as I had a lot of complications going into this pregnancy all the way till the end. He came a month early and is already very strong headed. I read #2 regarding new moms... I almost started to cry... and laugh at the same time! I'm so thrilled that I'm not alone. You're notes a re so helpful. Keep em cmoing! =)

Mom September 15, 2008 | 3:49 PM


Sara September 15, 2008 | 3:24 PM

Just thought you might like to read this. I opened it today and thought of you.....

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