Autism & Everyday Life

Is autism a part of your life? What are the signs of autism? Find advice, tips, research results and information about an autistic diagnosis here -- plus learn what you can do to help your child and to simply cope on an everyday basis.

Kids with autism

Practical tips for parenting a child with autism

Autism and the family

Helping your autistic child: Health

Helping your autistic child: Learning

Autistic signs, symptoms & special talents

Possible causes: Genetics

Related special needs & disorders

Autism research

More about autism

You're not alone!

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Comments on "Signs of autism and everyday life with an autistic child"

Brenda Duran From HIaleah, FL April 16, 2012 | 1:42 PM

My Daughter Emily was born 33 weeks and she is 3 years old, she goes to Speech Therapy four times in a week she still does not talk, she does eye contact when someone speaks to her, she understands everything that u say, i as her mom im worried because at these point kids at the age of 3 are talking she speaks a little bit, My Question is Is my Daughter Autistic and how can i help her please im Desperate...

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