Pro-Autism Products

Whether you want to proudly proclaim that you "love someone with autism" or want to make a more subtle statement, there are a multitude of ways you can show your support for people with autism in your family, circle of friends, or just in the world at large! Here are a few we found.

Autism awareness products and gifts

Autism awareness products

  1. Autism Speaks Men's microfleece jacket
  2. Duck family with an individual (autistic) t-shirt
  3. Autism Society of America postage stamps
  4. "I Love Someone with Autism" cap
  5. "I am an autistic human being" t-shirt
  6. Large autism awareness ribbon car magnet
  7. Wristlet key fobs with colorful autistic/puzzle-piece design
  8. Autism butterfly removable car decal
  9. Autism Awareness 2-sided silvertone keychain (1"x1")
  10. Autism awareness vinyl checkbook cover
  11. Autism Speaks English silk Mountain & Sackett tie

Most of the above-mentioned sites offer a variety of autism-themed products to go along with your shirts, keychains and other products promoting autistic awareness. (Note: Inclusion in this list is based only upon the product offerings, and should not be considered an endorsement of any organization.)

What difference does autism awareness really make? It can help child directly by informing those around an autistic child of his/her special needs, showing people that autism is more than just a statistic, while also helping to keep the spotlight on autism, benefiting research and support services.

More autism resources and info:

Tips for talking to family about your child's autism diagnosis

Signs of autism and everyday life with an autistic child

The Autism Effect (information/support site)

The autism diagnosis and family stress


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Comments on "Promote autism awareness with these goodies, gifts & garb"

Jo October 17, 2009 | 9:48 AM

I (female) would love to have a tie and suspenders of the multi colored key fobs. I have been thinking lot lately about autism and why it is in the rise. More and more children are being diagnosed. It seems to be taking place and/or adding to the number of children with ADHD. Are we looking at the wrong drugs/medicines??? Are we blaming it on government required immunizations when we should be blaming another form of medication??? What about the birth control pill???? Could it be that the pill is causing some form of DNA malfunction???? We keep hearing about the harmful effects of the pill on the woman- heart attack, strokes, blood clots but what is it doing to the woman’s body as a whole? The “new and improved” pills cannot be as benign as we are lead to believe.

Laurie Plaisted May 10, 2009 | 7:43 PM

I was wondering if you have a catalog on the product's you have on this website?My information is Laurie Plaisted 35 Pine Street Apt.#1 Franklinville,New York 14737.Thank-You for your time.Laurie

sking July 21, 2008 | 12:16 PM

FiveHumans (www.fivehumans/autism) also sells a fashionable, unique autism shirt for men, women and children. It informs and helps create conversation. They donate 10% of the sales price to Autism Speaks.

HopefulNebula June 28, 2008 | 6:13 PM

Autism Speaks is not autism advocacy. Autism Speaks would prefer genocide over true autistic advocacy. How about shirts designed *by* autistic people, such as http://www.cafepress/autieliberation ?

jypsy June 28, 2008 | 2:54 PM

This is how my son promotes autism awareness, (this is his race shirt, he runs roadraces almost every weekend). Not quite the same kind of autism awareness most of the sites you link to promote.

Thomas D. Taylor June 25, 2008 | 8:32 AM

Canadian singer/songwriter/composer Elyse bruce has an album available for purchase online called "Countdown to Midnight." Proceeds from the sale of that album go to autism charity, and more proceeds pay for the production of the Midnight In Chicago Autism Spectrum Podcasts, which are linked to by autism authorities the world over. The podcasts on autism are available at www.mic.mypodcast.

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