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I had my tubes tied in May 2003. I recently have been experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms. I took two home pregnancy tests that came out negative. I went to see my doctor, who ran a long list of blood tests (including a pregnancy test). They all came out negative. I am still feeling the symptoms (fatigue, nausea, dizziness, uncomfortable laying on my belly, cravings, slight weight gain, and more). They are now trying to tell me that I am going through a nervous break-down. I am NOT going through a nervous breakdown! I feel very frustrated. What are the chances that one of the blood test was a false negative? What should I do? The expert answers:
I'm so glad that you are taking such good care of yourself and that you went to see a physician. If you are having the symptoms of pregnancy, it's important to check for pregnancy even after having a tubal ligation. That's because (rarely), you could still become pregnant after having your tubes tied. Moreover, often those pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies, which are implanted in the tube itself. Ectopic pregnancies are a serious medical condition that requires urgent medical attention.

It doesn't sound like you have an ectopic pregnancy from what you've told me. I say that because you said that several pregnancy tests have been negative. Plus, you've been examined by a doctor.

It sounds to me like you may benefit from a second physician opinion. That's not to say that your first doctor did anything wrong. But you are still having problems and the first doctor wasn't able to determine the cause. Perhaps a second physician could approach your problems with a fresh attitude. The doctor will certainly want to conduct a through physical examination, with special focus on your abdomen and pelvic area. He/she may also want to perform some more blood tests. In addition to a pregnancy test, the doctor may also want to check for thyroid problems, diabetes and other hormonal imbalances that could be causing your symptoms. Occasionally, the doctor will also order an ultrasound to determine just exactly what is going on inside the abdomen and pelvis.

Don't leave the doctor's office until you feel that all of your concerns and questions have been addressed and answered.


Comments on "Pregnancy symptoms after tubal ligation?"

aliya March 30, 2014 | 11:37 AM

Hi i have four kids with the c-sections.After i have my last kid born in 2012 i had tubing. Since now i am having irregular period and they come out very heavy for three days and normal the rest.Since the last month i am having some changes,like i am feeling dizzines,going to washroom so often that i can hardly reach some time.I did even check all my blood work for any diabietes and colestrol and other,they all comes normal except my Bvitamins and iron was a little low but that was normal.And few days ago i have this tingling in lower abdomen which is very confusing means what it could be?It happend mostly while i am sitting or lying down.If any one can find out for me please let me know, this is not because i am scared or else,i just don't want to check my self.

katrina March 24, 2014 | 10:42 PM

the last 3 months my period has been unregular I got my tubes tied 9 years ago can I be pregnant?

Sandra B. March 21, 2014 | 2:47 AM

i dont know if i comment on this or not but some reason it did not show but i had my tubes done 8 years after my son he was born on oct 26 2005 and got them done oct 27 2005 and i have been having the same thing as everyone else and the more i see everyone post i know that i am not going crazy most of the people have u heard anything yet like Katie cause i want know what i nee to go throw cause right now i was told that an 3D ultrlsound was one to do and i can find out there and my sister that dont live far from me told me that the baby can be hiding in my back can that be true my stomach is getting big i dont know how many mos i am i would love to know if i am i have friends and family saying that i am and i even did that string with a ring and it goes left to right when i did that with both of my kids i was and i did it when i had my tubes done it was 2008 i did the same thing and it did not move so if some can let me know on there updates u can also email at lalarocksalldayandnigt@gmail i will keep on updates still see what i can do thank you for reading this.And also when i was 5 years old my mom had her tubes done when was born and she was going to have twins but they did not live cause she had a yeast infastion and badder infastion on top of it so i can understand that also sorry for my spelling it is rough lol i hope find out something

Karla March 18, 2014 | 10:41 AM

Hi I'm 27 and I had my tubes tied about 6 years ago. My period has always been irregular but this time around I feel different. For example I have gained some weight, getting more hungry and having nausea at all times of the day. While in my last 2 pregnancy I never had any nausea or morning sickness. I had my predod on 12/29/13 and lasted for 6 days. Its now March 18,2014 and still have not had me period alredy took at home pregnancy test and come out negative. Could I be pregnant? I had already made an appointment for next thurday with the doctor to see what is going on. Any advise for me?

newcom February 25, 2014 | 11:32 AM

im 24 yrs old and have 2 kids ages 5 and 3. when i had my 3 yr old i had my tubes tied. yesterday i had sharp pain in lower abdomin and on left side. i took ibufrofen and used heat pad thinking it was my period(its supposed to start anyday) the pain kept getting worse to point i was in tears and could barley move. my husband took me to the hospital they said blood work and pevlic ultra sound seemed normal and pain should stop last night or early today. im still in lot of pain and having preg signs like vomiting tired and starving. does anyone have any advice

Cathy February 17, 2014 | 6:03 PM

I'm 28 years old. I had my tubes cut and burned after I had my 3child in 2010. It was done after my c-section. My period have been pretty normal intill July of last year. After a couple of months my period was right on track again. We'll my last normal period was on January 6 it lasted 4 days and then I got light spotting on January 31st that lasted only for a day. My husband and I have had unprotected . Here it is February 17 and I still haven't gotten my period. I'm having all the signs of pregnancy and my stomach is growing. I took a HPT tonight and it was neg. I really need to know if anyone has gone through this and if they did find out that they were pregnant. You can email me at Motherofthree85@gmail. Thank you in advance. I'm not stressing and I have been checked for everything else and everything came out perfect so it isn't anything else.

Tonya February 15, 2014 | 10:08 AM

I'm 35 and had a tubal in 2001. For months on end I have been bloating and I mean 2 pants sizes larger for one week out of the month. Regular periods until 2 months ago. January was a partial and February has just been strange. My sense of smell is crazy, sick on and off fighting a crazy cold, weird cravings, itchy belly, knots in my pelvic area where I had my c-sections....One stick test was negative...Is it possible for the body/mind to talk themselves into some kind of "pseudo" pregnancy?

Wendy February 13, 2014 | 5:59 AM

Good mornnig I had my tube tied back in 1998 and everything been good but I am five days late and I have taken two pregnacy test and both came negative. I am going out my mind. I dont know what to do one part of me just want to ignore it but the other one want to know what is wrong. Any advised for me

Christina February 11, 2014 | 11:23 AM

I Had a tubal done in 2011 and I Have been late several days now, I been feeling very tired, headaches, I normally spot days before my menstrual but I haven't seen anything. I am starting to get nervous....

Kim January 30, 2014 | 7:15 PM

So..I have had my tubes tied not quite sure how they did it about 3 years ago. I am now over 2 months late and have taken test the have came back neg but still no period and my stomach is swelling. NOt sure what to think. Someone please help if possible I cant afford to go to a dr right now.

Letizia January 22, 2014 | 1:54 PM

Hi, I am 40. I have five kids. My baby is three years old. I had my tubes tide after my last c section. I also am experiencing pregnancy symptoms. If my tubes werent tide I would swear that I was pregnant. I cannot afford to go to the dr. I will be taking a pregnancy test as soon as I get paid. I have had five c sections in my life. I do not think my body could take one more. I wish I could find the answers without having to go to dr. Could it be early menopause?

brittanie January 21, 2014 | 10:33 PM

its been 6 months since i got my tubes tied but i really want another baby is there any way i can do that?? i dont have money for surgery so thats out of the question please help

amber January 14, 2014 | 7:16 AM

Hello! I am experiencing the same as most of you here. In 2001 I had my tubes cauterized after my son was born. And Since Nov 26, I have had the most odd periods. I have had 2 irregular periods and I normally have some kind of warning I will start but never had one. Just went to restroom and saw dark red and brown. Then 11 days after that period the same. I have been experiencing stiff back,headaches,nightsweats,insomnia even tho I am tired all the time. Urination frequent more than usual,heightened smells,cravings,constipation,some acne, slightly sore breasts and some nausea. And I had this egg white discharge that I never had before or maybe never noticed about 10 days ago. So, for a split second I thought.... maybe I am pregnant. But then I laughed and said... or maybe it is perimenopause. If you are in your mid 30s like myself, late 30s or 40s, then that is probably the culprit. The best thing to do is check your hormone levels as after tubal ligation pregnancy is almost impossible. More probable months after the surgery especially if done after C Section. And if it has been many years since your surgery and u took a test and it turned out positive, it is best to have an US as ectopic pregnancy is likely. I donot believe any woman who says she had her tubes cauterized went on to have a live birth. And I am sorry for that opinion. Tubes DONOT grow back together. Any doctor will tell u that. But it can however leave an opening in the tube. I wish women would educate herself on the dangers of ectopic pregnancy and the fact that cauterization is meant to be PERMANENT. Feelings of being pregnant like flutterings or movements in abdomen are GAS. PERIMENOPAUSE symptoms are mostly the same as pregnancy symptoms as well. That is probably why we are thinking we COULD BE. Wish God bless all of us as some of us are approaching the change. Best of wishes to those who may have become pregnant due to the ring or clamp as well. Hope all turns out well for all of u.

angela young January 08, 2014 | 5:04 PM

never know rena :) ok soo i got my us pics and there is dff something there i just dont know what i am looking at lol any help would be appreciated

rena January 08, 2014 | 11:00 AM

I'm late and I had my tubes tied 15 years ago but I wish I was how can I or could I be already

angela young January 06, 2014 | 10:52 PM

ok so went for my ultrasound today hubby was watching the screen and when she was scanning the uterus he said he seen a dark circle what do u think this could be it wasnt very big mabye the size of a quarter and nothing in it ????

angela young January 05, 2014 | 11:34 AM

i wish i knew what to tell u all im going through the same thing have the nasua off and on as i said i missed my period all i got was this brown discharge any thoughts? i have never had implantation bleeding so i would know if that is what it was all the dates add up i freaked out cause i didnt know what was going on went to the er and of couse they did a urine and it was neg also checked for stds also neg then went to my normal doc she checked for urine infections all came back clean have a ultrasound and bloodwork schduled for tomorrow boobs are still hurting and hubby says areolas look bigger and darker i can see where the brown is expanding does any of this sound promising ? had tubes tied 11 yrs ago any advice would be appreciated thanks ps dont wanna sound like a looney nutty thanks

Charity January 04, 2014 | 4:01 PM

I had my tubal done July 26 2012 and i am having really bad cramps and sever lower back pain. I have not had morning sickness with either of my two kids. took a test and it was neg. I need some advice on what i should do

angela young January 03, 2014 | 11:34 PM

ok update my period didnt come TMI instead i got a brown discharge off and on i go for a ultrasound and blood work monday i sooo hope and pray im pregnant :)

Aiysha December 26, 2013 | 7:50 AM

I decided to share my story so some of you reading this will know you are not crazy. On Jan. 29, 2010 I gave birth to my fourth child. Approx. 3-4 months later I got a tubal ligations done my laparoscopic procedure. They used what is called falope rings. The rings go on the tubes and they pull tight and over a few months the tube are suppose to scar preventing anything from passing through. We are a Military family and at the time of my husband was away during the operation and a month or two after so I had time to heal before he could touch me again. I could get pregnant just from him standing next to me....lol. He was also gone on deployment from sept. 2010 to sept 2011. The end of the month sept. 2011 I was at my doctors appointment...my primary following up for a completely different reason when I was asked about my menstral. I was actually late but I told her that I had a tubal one year and a half ago so I doubt if I was pregnant. But im never late so We did a blood test since I was going to the lab anyway. A few hours later I was getting a call from my doctor to go straight to the ER for an emergency ultrasound because the pregnancy test was POSITIVE. I went and the sac was in the uterus right where it should be for a normal pregnancy....not ectopic. May 23, 2012 I gave birth to baby #5. Oct. of that same year I went to a different doctor and opted for Essure. We waited 4 months after the procedure before my husband thought about touching me again. With the Essure there is a dye test they do three months after the procedure to make sure you are blocked. And I was....no dye got through. We are hoping and praying that my tubes didn't heal to the point where something got through again. If that does happen I will be back to give an update.

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