It's a not-so-commonly known fact that most babies are born between July and September — which means that we're currently mid-baby shower season and scrambling to find gifts for all the new moms-to-be. While it's fun to gift cutesy baby items that everyone at the shower will "ooh" and "aah" over, the best baby shower gifts are ones that are super useful.

We rounded up some of baby shower gift ideas that new mamas will totally love — and use.

1. A year's worth of diapers

Any new parent will tell you that diapers are the best gift to get, but handing someone a few bags of diapers isn't the sexiest present. Enter IncrediBundles. They are a "modern twist on the baby gift basket." You can gift a year's worth of diapers (which will run you $719), but there are also three, six and nine month options. It's perfect if a few friends want to chip in and buy one gift. The company also has other great bundles, like a year's worth of toys.

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2. Onesies

Image: Primary

White onesies are essential for any new baby, but they're also a bit boring — Primary has got ya covered. The company offers "awesome basics at reasonable prices," and their 7 piece babysuit gift set is perfect for both boys and girls. These onesies are great for when baby is at home sleeping (which is a lot at first) and parents don't want to dress him or her up in a "going-out" outfit.

3. Pack and play

While Mom and Dad might not realize how much they're going to need a good pack and play when their baby isn't moving around yet, it will be a lifesaver once the baby is mobile. That's where 4moms' breeze comes in. The easy breakdown and setup make this a "breeze" (pun intended). It's perfect for setting up in your home office, laundry room or even taking on a road trip to set up at Grandma's house. The breeze products start at around $200, though, so it might be another gift that you can go in on with some friends.

4. Video baby monitor

Image: Walmart

Whether you live in a small space or a large one, a video baby monitor is essential. It's not just about hearing what's going on in the room, but being able to see what's going on. The Motorola MBP36S is a monitor has a digital color screen and it displays room temperature, plays five lullabies, tilts, zooms and has two-way communication so that you can talk to your baby even if you're not in the room. A must-have for any new parent!

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5. Infantino Squeeze Station

Image: Infantino

Homemade baby food is so much healthier than store-bought, but how the heck is a mom supposed to store it and travel with it? Infantino offers a great system that combines the ease of a disposable pouch with homemade baby food. The Squeeze Station lets you put homemade baby food into disposable pouches. If you're getting this for a new mom, make sure to pick up extra pouches and the freezer storage container.

6. Please and Carrots

Image: Please and Carrots

Knowing which toys to buy is harder than one would think, but Please and Carrots subscription box service takes out some of the guesswork. They deliver the most developmentally appropriate toys and books for babies (ages 0-3) right to Mom's doorstep every month.

7. Bubula steel diaper pail

Image: Bubula

A new baby means a lot of dirty diapers, but most diaper pails aren't exactly going to add to the ambiance of the room, plus you have to buy special garbage bags for them. Enter Bubula. You can use the same garbage bags you use in other trash cans, and the steel and aluminum construction has a strong, flexible rubber seal to keep the airtight lid from leaking odors from stinky diapers. It also comes in a bunch of beautiful pastel colors.

8. Baby carrier

Image: Ack Wrap

Most new babies want to be held 24 hours a day, but that's just not always possible. There are a number of baby carriers on the market, but for the first few months, a fabric one to keep baby nice and snug is best. The ACK Wrap is a super stylish way for a mom to actually wear her baby, and it has a lightweight fabric for those hot summer months. It looks super cute, too.

9. Infant tub

Image: 4moms

The first few couple of bath-times can be really stressful for both mom and baby, but 4moms' infant bathtub keeps things simple. It tells you the temperature of the water, and it'll beep if it's too hot. Also, there's a side drain to get dirty water out and fresh water to flow in. Add some bath time supplies, like baby shampoo and a towel or two, and you have the perfect gift.

10. Monthly blocks

New parents love to take pictures of their baby every month (and even every week!) to document how they're growing up. BB Blocks are a unique way to remember exactly how old the babe is in each and every photo.

Originally published July 2015. Updated July 2017.