There are a ton of traditional girly middle names. You probably know someone with the middle name Ann, Lynn, Elizabeth, Rose, or Grace — or maybe you have a middle name like this. These are all totally awesome names, of course, and are often handed down through families, but if you're looking for something a little different, we've got the baby name list for you.

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These names here are on the shorter side — each has only one or two syllables. This makes them ideal for pairing with a great number of first names.

Often, longer first names work very well with shorter middle names, and other times, parents like to have names with a similar sound grouped together in a name. For example, if you're planning to name your baby Isabella, you might consider a short middle name like Claire, Flo, Bree, or even something like Snow. Or if you're planning to name her Charlotte, you might consider a middle name with a similar sound or cadence, such as Joelle, Regan, Vada, or Kyra.

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While we have included a few traditional choices like May, most of these names are a little off the beaten track and may inspire you as you assemble your baby name list. Also, there is no reason one of these wouldn't make a perfect first name, either, so don't be put off by the fact we've labeled these middle names. They don't have to be!

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