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Turn a toilet paper tube into LEGO® heads

Carolina can't remember a time when she didn't love to craft. When she's not working at the computer, she's behind a sewing machine, wielding a glue gun, or chasing her two young boys. She loves visiting with her family, snuggles with he...

And fill them
with treats

Crafting with your children can be fun for everyone with these simple LEGO® minifigure heads made from toilet paper roll tubes. Convert simple toilet paper tubes into these fun LEGO heads, which can also serve as favor boxes for a party when filled with treats or candy.

Lego head craft

Making LEGO® minifigure heads out of toilet paper tubes is a simple, fun craft to do with LEGO-obsessed kids.


  • 1 toilet paper tube
  • 3 caps from soda bottles
  • 3 caps from water bottles, or bottle caps
  • Cereal box or similar cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue
  • Yellow paint and paintbrush
  • Black marker
  • Small candies (optional)


Step 1

Lego Minifigure head: One and a half inch segments

Start by measuring your toilet paper tube. Mark 1-1/2 inches from each end. This will be the height of your LEGO head.

Step 2

Lego Minifigure head: Cut out cardboard

Using the end of the toilet paper tube, trace circles onto the cardboard and cut them out. You will need 2 circles for each LEGO head.

Step 3

Lego Minifigure head: Cut out cardboard tube

Cut the toilet paper tube on the lines you marked in Step 1, making 1-1/2-inch-tall pieces for your LEGO heads. You will need 1 for each LEGO head.

Step 4

Lego Minifigure head: Glue Around Toilet Paper Tube

Apply hot glue around an edge of the toilet paper tube.

Step 5

Lego Minifigure head: Glue bottom on Toilet Paper Tube

Press onto the shiny side of a cardboard circle.

Step 6

Lego Minifigure head: fill the tube with candy

If you would like to add any candy to use the LEGO head as a party favor, fill the tube with candy now.

Step 7

Lego Minifigure head: Trim off any excess cardboard

Glue on the top piece of cardboard, shiny side down. Trim off any excess cardboard.

Step 8

Lego Minifigure head: get bottle caps for each Lego head

Grab a soda bottle cap and a water bottle cap for each LEGO head.

Step 9

Lego Minifig Glure head: Glue the bottled water lid to the bottom

Glue the bottled water cap to the bottom and the soda bottle cap to the top. LEGO purists will want both caps glued flat-side-down, but the caps are easier for small children to paint if glued flat-side-up.

Step 10

paint the entire Lego head yellow

Allow glue to cool. Then paint the entire LEGO head yellow. You may need more than one coat of paint.

Step 11

Lego Minifigure head: draw the Lego face with a black marker

Allow paint to dry. Then use a black marker to draw the LEGO face.

Step 12

Lego Minifigure head as a reference when drawing the face.

You can use a LEGO minifigure head as a reference when drawing the face.

Step 12

make as many Lego Minifigure heads as you like

Repeat these steps to make as many LEGO minifigure heads as you like.

This post was sponsored by The LEGO Movie.

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