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The ups and downs of new motherhood in adorable baby GIFs

A native of the storied coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina, Julie Sprankles has been a lover of words her entire life. As a Southerner, she certainly has what her mama calls “the gift of gab.” When she’s not writing, Julie can be...

The ride of your life

Being a new mama is a bit like being on a roller coaster. You'll hit lots of great highs and, well, a few lows too. Of course, even the dips will be filled with sweet coos and dimply goodness. Need proof? Just check out these GIFs illustrating the amazing ride that is new motherhood.

Baby Gif 1

GIF via thehystericalblog.tumblr.com

Never has such a cute creature existed! What a cute little squishy-wishy-chubby-wubbikens. He's so sweet I could just eat him with a spoon.

Cute Baby GIF


Is that a yawn, kid? Really, a yawn? Where was that last night when you decided you wanted to party like a rock star until the wee hours of the morning? You're lucky you're so cute.

Baby GIF

GIF via Blog Babylist

I'm supposed to stick the thermometer where? I need to put what on my nipples? The umbilical cord just falls off? I wonder if you can DustBuster that. I mean, really, how did I not know these things going in? My family and friends totally dropped the ball on passing me the big book of motherhood secrets.

Baby GIF

GIF via Trendsenter.com

Please, kid, for the love of all things holy, just go to sleep. My arm is nearly numb from bouncing you, but I won't stop for fear that you'll resume screaming in that special decibel level that feels a little bit like a staple gun to my frontal lobe. Wait, he can't get shaken baby syndrome from this, right?

Baby GIF


Aww, you're so cute and I'm so delirious from lack of sleep that I barely remember you're a teeny tiny terrorist who kept me up all night playing musical boobs, the breastfeeding version of musical chairs. Is that a smile? Your first smile! Oh, wait. I think that's gas. Oh, no, it's more than gas....

Baby GIF

GIF via Blogmuchmusic.com

Finally, you're genuinely happy. I should revel in this moment, since you're entertaining yourself, but you're so adorable I just can't help but jump in and play with you. Aww, honey, did I scare you? Mommy's sorry... I'm the world's worst mother! (Cue irrational wailing.)

Baby GIF

GIF via Gifini.com

I know I shouldn't be laughing at you right now, but I totally am.

Baby GIF

GIF via HumourTop.com

I swear, kid, sometimes you are so weird. You definitely didn't get this from my side of the family. Trust me, this has your daddy's name written all over it. Seriously, that's enough. OK, hold on. It's starting to get funny.

Baby GIF

GIF via WhenRegardingRuffles.com

I love everything about being a mommy. Every hour of the day with this precious little being makes me realize my true purpose in life. I am his mother, and that is the most rewarding role I could ever have. I wonder if it's too early to talk to my husband about having more. After all, how could he not want 10 more just like this sweet angel?

Baby GIF

GIF via angelaroxs.tumblr.com

Am I leaking? For the love of.... first time I leave the house in weeks, and I look like a cow with gushing udders. I wonder if it's too early to talk to the husband about getting that IUD. I'm gonna need a few years to get used to this whole being-a-new-mom thing.

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