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You can give your baby a truly unique name without succumbing to weirdness. These monikers will stand out among the others... but for good reasons!

Unique baby names for girls

You can find unique baby girl names by going back in time. The vintage and antique gems of the late 1800s and early 1900s offer lovely inspiration.

Unique baby names for boys

These unusual monikers made the first-ever list of baby names published by the SSA in 1880. The names may be old, but they're anything but old-fashioned. These names have been out of the limelight for so long that they'll definitely stand out today.

  • Gust: Dutch, gust
  • Hiram: Hebrew, my brother is exalted
  • Holmes: English, from the river island
  • Lemuel: Hebrew, devoted to God
  • Lucien: French, light
  • Major: Latin, greater
  • Merle: French, blackbird
  • Morris: Latin, swarthy
  • Percy: French, pierces the valley
  • Roscoe: Norse, from the deer forest
  • Rufus: Latin, red-haired
  • Squire: English, shield bearer

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