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91 Simply sweet baby names

These sweet little names may be simple, but they make a big impact. They pair beautifully with most middle and last names, and they stand out among the longer names that have been in fashion lately.

Simple and sweet baby names for boys

About 10 percent of the 500 most popular baby boy names consist of a single syllable. Try out these one-syllable gems with middle names of varying length, for example, John Alexander versus John James or Cole Sebastian versus Cole Tate. The names, listed here in order of popularity, include both traditional and trendy monikers.

Simple and sweet baby names for girls

One-syllable names are far less common for girls. Among the 500 most popular baby girl names, a mere 3 percent are single-syllable — mainly because little names are typically reserved for the middle spot. Try these popular monikers (again, listed in order of popularity) with your last name and with various middle names.

Of course, single-syllable names aren't your only sweet-and-simple option. Fall in love with one of these sweet little names — just three letters each — from the 1,000 most popular baby girl names list.

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