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Looking for breastfeeding stories straight from the moms who nurse their babies? Look no more — these breastfeeding blogs will have everything you are searching for, and more.

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If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you might find yourself turning to the internet for resources and information, and what better source can you have on breastfeeding than another breastfeeding mother? These moms have blogs that have it all — information, motivation, inspiration and advocacy.

The Yummy Mummy’s Breastfeeding Blog

Check out Claire and her blog The Yummy Mummy’s Breastfeeding Blog. She chronicles her and her tiny daughter’s breastfeeding adventures throughout their English city. She started the blog to raise awareness of nursing in public, and has the photos to prove it, as she nurses in various restaurants and other public venues. They are simply adorable and judging from the comments left on her blog, very inspirational to other moms who maybe haven’t breastfed in public.’s blog doesn’t just focus on breastfeeding, but she covers it quite a bit. I discovered her some time ago as I came across a breathtaking photograph of her nursing her two young girls. Now expecting a third baby, she discusses not only breastfeeding but other natural parenting topics as well. She is so refreshing and open-minded, reading her blog about her life, her babies and her interests is sometimes just what a mom needs to feel right in this world.

Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

Informative and sweet, Chronicles of a Nursing Mom showcases not only a mother’s personal breastfeeding journey, but tips and tricks for all moms to use. Jenny, from the Philippines, also discusses more than breastfeeding, but as it’s a central theme, there is plenty for you to peruse as you check out her blog. She also has really cool and inspirational guest posts, which really help round out the info.

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths is a fabulous blog that also has a solid Facebook following, which is where much of their content is posted (the blog is an excellent portal, however). The admins on the team share questions from moms who are struggling, and the advice they get from their readers is amazing. It’s really an excellent resource for all breastfeeding moms, as well as moms who are planning to or hope to nurse their babies.


Unlatched not only has a blog but a rousing Facebook following as well where they discuss evidence-based research on breastfeeding and formula use. They also highlight breastfeeding discrimination, the Facebook policy on breastfeeding and riveting discussions with the fans of their page, which can lead to a lot of really good info being passed on. Unlatched is a good place to go if you really want to be in-the-know about breastfeeding and how it pertains to your (and your baby’s) health, as well as what challenges moms face as they nurse their little ones.

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