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The popular reality show Duck Dynasty just wrapped up its fourth season, but don’t let that stop you from checking out these down-to-earth baby names inspired by the show.

Duck Dynasty, a reality television show on A&E, features the lives of the Robertson family. Phil Robertson started the business 25 years ago in Louisiana, and now their company, Duck Commander, is a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The show is beloved by many because the family is very down-to-earth and unpretentious, and they have fulfilled the American dream. Lindsay from Texas is a regular watcher, and their success story is inspiring and appealing to her. “Phil and Kay were high school sweethearts, a football player and a cheerleader, that got married and had four kids,” she told us. “Their marriage survived addiction and he came through the other side a successful business owner.”

Baby name possibilities

Their son Willie is now the CEO of the company and he and his three brothers have families of their own — and there are plenty of baby names amongst the friendly, God-loving family for everyone. One interesting name is Merritt, who was Phil’s mother. The name was bestowed upon her great-granddaughter also, which makes it a cool and interesting choice for a girl.

Which names are your faves?

Duck Dynasty baby names for boys

  • Alan: Phil and Kay’s eldest son
  • Cole: Son of Jase and Missy
  • James: Father of Phil and Si
  • Jason: Phil and Kay’s son, goes by Jase
  • John Luke: Son of Willie and Korie
  • Jules: Son of Phil and Kay, goes by Jep
  • Justin: Family friend
  • Phil: Patriarch of the Robertson family
  • Reed: Son of Jase and Missy
  • River: Son of Jep and Jessica
  • Scott: Son of Si and Christine
  • Silas: Phil’s brother, goes by Si
  • Tim: Family friend, goes by Mountain Man
  • Will: Son of Willie and Korie
  • Willie: Phil and Kay’s son and CEO of Duck Commander

Duck Dynasty baby names for girls

  • Alex: Daughter of Alan and Lisa
  • Anna: Daughter of Alan and Lisa
  • Bella: Daughter of Willie and Korie
  • Christine: Si’s wife
  • Jessica: Wife of Jep
  • Lily: Daughter of Jep and Jessica
  • Lisa: Wife of Alan
  • Kay: Phil’s wife
  • Korie: Willie’s wife
  • Merritt: Daughter of Jep and Jessica and also the name of Si and Phil’s mom
  • Mia: Daughter of Jase and Missy
  • Missy: Jase’s wife
  • Priscilla: Daughter of Jep and Jessica
  • Rebecca: Foreign exchange student
  • Sadie: Daughter of Willie and Korie
  • Trasa: Daughter of Si and Christine

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