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The CW’s popular show, The Vampire Diaries, comes back for a fifth season this fall. The characters have names that are cooler than you might expect — both modern and classic, trendy and steadfast. Which one is your favorite?

When The Vampire Diaries returns to your television (or DVR) this fall, you might be drawn to the names of the characters — for example, Grayson, Lexi, Connor and Abby are names that parents have been bestowing upon their babies in recent years. Coming from a book series of the same name, The Vampire Diaries is a rousing supernatural drama that weaves the stories of vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks together, and the story lines are impossible to resist.

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The names used in the series are wonderful — not boring, not stodgy, just cutting-edge and lots of fun. Giuseppe isn’t exactly a name that parents rush to name their boys nowadays, but what about Jules? Stefan? Silas? All cool, modern-sounding names.

And for girls, the show’s main protagonist, Elena, has a name that is both classic and classy, cultured and beautiful. Classic names are definitely in and her name would totally work for your baby girl. Meredith and Miranda also have that same look and feel.

Check out the names of the characters in The Vampire Diaries and pick the vampire, werewolf or warlock baby name that will work for your family.

The Vampire Diaries baby names for boys

  • Luka: Warlock
  • Mason: Tyler’s uncle
  • Matt: Elena’s ex-boyfriend
  • Mikael: Vampire hunter
  • Richard: Tyler’s father
  • Silas: Powerful witch, powerful vampire
  • Stefan: Brother of Damon
  • Tyler: A werewolf
  • Zach: Damon and Stefan’s nephew

The Vampire Diaries baby names for girls

  • Abby: Bonnie’s mother
  • Anna: Pearl’s daughter
  • Atticus: Another form of Silas
  • Bonnie: Best friend of Elena
  • Carol: Mother of Tyler
  • Caroline: Friends with Bonnie and Elena
  • Elena: Has relationships with two vampires
  • Elizabeth: Sheriff of Mystic Falls, mother of Caroline
  • Emily: Handmaiden of Katherine
  • Isobel: Mother of Elena
  • Jenna: Aunt of Elena
  • Kelly: Mother of Vicki and Matt
  • Lexi: Stefan’s best friend
  • Katherine: Looks exactly like Elena
  • Meredith: Local doctor
  • Miranda: Adoptive mother of Elena
  • Pearl: Anna’s mother
  • Rebekah: Klaus and Elijah’s younger sister
  • Rose: Friend of Damon
  • Sheila: Bonnie’s grandmother
  • Trudie: Friend of Isobel
  • Vicki: Matt’s older sister

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