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Viewers tune in to daytime television for the top news, entertaining talk show topics and riveting court proceedings. As you look for baby name inspiration, check out some of the biggest names from daytime TV.

Every day, daytime TV covers the issues we love to talk about. Why not tune into captivating daytime TV for baby name inspiration? From programs that are fluffy and fun to hard-hitting daytime news, these must-see daytime television shows bring you the very best in baby names.

The best baby names from daytime news shows

Morning and early afternoon news covers everything from politics to weather. These anchors and television personalities brighten our mornings.

  • Anderson Cooper: Famed journalist Anderson Cooper has faced war zones to bring the American public the biggest stories in the world.
  • Josh Elliot: Appearing on Good Morning America, Josh Elliot began his career as a sportscaster on ESPN.
  • Norah O’Donnell: Appearing on CBS This Morning, Norah would be a classic, lovely baby name.
  • Regis Philbin: Regis is an uncommon baby name that would make a pretty name for a baby boy or a baby girl.
  • Savannah Guthrie: Appearing on Today, Savannah debuted in 2012.

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The best baby names from hit talk shows

Talk shows continue to dominate the ratings when it comes to daytime television. Embracing a huge variety of topics, these shows feel like hanging out with an old friend.

  • Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen’s energy and positivity have made her a beloved star of daytime television for years.
  • Maury Povich: Maury has continued to rank high during the day thanks to years of drama and scandalous guest stories.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Does Oprah have a monopoly on her unique baby name? You be the judge.
  • Phil McGraw: Dr. Phil is a household name. His mentoring approach makes his top-rated talk show more feel-good than cringe-worthy.
  • Rachael Ray: Celebrity chef Rachael Ray jumped from the kitchen to daytime talk. Her name is common but spelled in a unique way.
  • Wendy Williams: Charismatic Wendy Williams transitioned from radio to TV. Her latest talk show season began this fall.

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The best baby names from court shows

Courtroom shows — also known as judge shows — draw viewers who can’t get enough drama. Though the court proceedings are simulated, tensions can run high.

  • Alex Ferrer: On Judge Alex, former Miami police officer Alex Ferrer has more real world experience with criminal law than many television judges.
  • Glenda Hatchett: Now in syndication, Judge Hatchett often focused on juvenile court cases. Glenda is a classic, unique baby name for girls.
  • Greg Mathis: On Judge Mathis, former Superior Court Judge Greg Mathis offers a mix of jokes and serious advice to offenders.
  • Judy: Judith Sheindlin’s Judge Judy remains popular thanks to her no-nonsense but entertaining approach.
  • Lynn Toler: On Divorce Court, Lynn Toler tempers the high drama of ugly divorce cases.
  • Marilyn Milian: On The People’s Court, Judge Milian doles out TV justice over mostly domestic cases.

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