DIY: No-sew scarf for kids

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scarf for fall

Fall is the perfect time for making a nice cozy scarf, and now

you don't need sewing skills to make one!

No-sew fall scarf for kids

Check out this easy no-sew scarf tutorial for a cute fall scarf that kids can make too!

What you'll need:

Materials for no-sew fall scarf

  • fall colored felt (approximately 14 pieces)
  • scissors
  • paper
  • marker
  • cardstock
  • felt glue

What you'll do:


Step 1

Create pattern - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Use the marker to draw a leaf shape on the cardstock. You can draw your own leaf outline, or do a Google image search and print and trace the leaf outline. Draw the leaf with a stem that is 1 inch wide and 3 inches long.


Step 2

Trace leaf shape - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Cut out the cardstock leaf and trace around it on the felt. You should be able to trace two leaves on to one sheet of felt.


Step 3

Cut out leaf shapes - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Cut out 28 felt leaves total.


Step 4

Cut a slit - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Fold the stem of each leaf in half, and cut a slit up the middle of it.


Step 5

Connect leaves - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Slide the stem of one felt leaf through the stem opening of another, like shown in the picture. The leaf should be wide enough that it won't slip through the slit.


Step 6

Make two chains - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Divide your felt leaves evenly and make two chains of leaves.


Step 7

Use felt glue - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Place two lines of felt glue on the last stem of one half of the scarf.


Step 8

Attach leaf chains - No-sew fall scarf for kids

Press the last stem of the other half of the scarf on top of the felt glue, then set the scarf aside to dry. After the glue has dried, your no-sew scarf is ready to wear!

Image credit: Amy Vowles

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