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2013 TV viewing guide for families

We can expect a lot of new drama, comedy and reality television this fall, and some shows are better suited than others for family viewing. Our guide will help you decide which family-friendly shows to watch and which
not-so-family-friendly shows to avoid.

Our guide will help you decide which family-friendly shows to watch and which not-so-family-friendly shows to avoid.

Not-so-family-friendly shows


The 100

The 100

For the first time since a nuclear war destroyed civilization, nearly 100 years ago, the Earth is about to be re-colonized. Not by astronauts or scientists, mind you, but rather by 100 juvenile delinquents! We recommend The 100 be reserved for the tween set and up. Premieres mid-season on The CW.

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About a Boy

About a Boy

You may remember the Nick Hornsby novel or the Hugh Grant film version of About a Boy. The TV comedy of the same name doesn't get much of an opportunity to develop the characters, so they end up as stereotyped and gender-specific: A sad, single mom raising her awkward 11-year-old son next door to an all-too-influential playboy. Despite being about a boy, this sitcom is not really family fare. Will air as part of NBC's mid-season Tuesday night lineup.

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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher

CBS seems to think that a TV-show based on the Cameron Diaz film is a good idea. Families with kids will want to steer clear of the show featuring an oversexed, foul-mouthed divorcee who becomes a teacher in order to find a husband. Will premiere mid-season (unless wiser heads prevail and cancel it altogether).

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A man released from prison becomes the protector of a young girl with supernatural abilities. Protection from what? From evil people who want to steal her special "gift." This comic book-like series may be too scary and intense for younger viewers. Will air Sunday nights on NBC, beginning mid-season.

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Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

The white parents of Molly are thrilled when their less-than-ambitious daughter graduates from high school and is accepted to college. Across town, the Latino parents of Junior are bursting with pride as their honor student of a son (Molly's secret boyfriend) makes plans to attend Stanford. The clueless parents soon discover that their children are expecting! The comedy revolves around the in-laws-to-be all getting to know each other better. Teen pregnancy. Caucasian versus Latino stereotypes. This NBC comedy is not the best pick for kids. Premieres Thursday, October 3.

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