Charming baby names

Name your future charmer

Refined, yet not stuffy — these baby names are absolutely charming, look great on a resume and sound awesomely sweet.

Charming baby names

Charming is defined as having delightful characteristics — one who is charming is attractive, irresistible and aims to please. And charming baby names have a beautiful sound to them. They aren’t harsh, trendy or super unusual — but they are also not always the most common names around. Some make you think of yesteryear or classic movies. Others sound mildly exotic — but all are pleasing to the ear.

Both boys and girls can be charming and sweet. These names, for all babies, may work well as a first name, or even better as a middle name that helps the flow from your chosen first to your last. Naming a baby is a big deal, but these names may be just what you’re searching for.

Charming baby names for girls

  • Adele: This pretty name is a form of Adela
  • Adora: An Old German name, this means “a gift, adored”
  • Aviana: A pretty blend of Ava and Ana
  • Beatriz: Another version of the name Beatrice
  • Bryn: This unique Welsh name means “hill, mount”
  • Caroline: An Old German name, this means “free man”
  • Carys: Another pretty Welsh name, this means “love”
  • Charis: A Greek name, this means “grace”
  • Clementine: This Latin name means “merciful”
  • Eliza: This is a short form of the name Elizabeth
  • Elodie: A French name, this means “marsh flower”
  • Gwyneth: This Welsh name means “happiness”
  • Isadora: A Latin name, this means “gift of Isis”
  • Lorelei: This name has German roots
  • Lucy: Meaning “light,” this name has Latin origins
  • Penelope: This Greek name means “weaver”
  • Rosabel: Combo of Rose and Belle
  • Stella: This Latin name means “star”
  • Talia: This Hebrew name means “heaven’s dew”
  • Violet: Meaning “purple,” this name has Latin roots

Charming baby names for boys

  • Benedict: A Latin name, this means “blessed”
  • Blake: This Old English name means “black”
  • Everest: An Old English name related to Everett
  • Graham: This Old English name means “gray homestead”
  • Jude: Meaning “praised,” this name has Greek roots
  • Lachlan: This Irish name means “from the land of the lakes”
  • Malcolm: A Scottish name, this means “devotee of Saint Columba”
  • Maxwell: Meaning “Mack’s stream,” this name has Old English roots
  • Myles: This Latin name means “soldier”
  • Noah: A Hebrew name, this means “long lived”
  • Oscar: An Old English name, this means “spear of the gods”
  • Paxton: May be derived from the Latin word for peace — “pax”
  • Quentin: This Latin name means “fifth”
  • Roman: A Latin name, this means “citizen of Rome”
  • Silas: Short for the Latin name Silvanus
  • Sylvester: Meaning “wooded,” this name has Latin roots
  • Tobias: Meaning “God is good,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Vaughn: This cool Welsh name means “little”
  • Vincent: A Latin name, this means “prevailing”
  • William: An Old German name, this means “protection”

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due soon! August 27, 2013 | 4:04 PM

I love the name Blake for a boy! My friend from university named her little girl (turning 3 soon) Blakely. I would love to name my baby boy Blake. What are your thoughts? Would it be inappropriate?

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