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  1. Letter from the Editor

    Entertainment Editorial Intern opportunity available!

    Looking to gain experience in the entertainment/writing biz? is the third largest women’s site on the web, boasting a...
  2. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows HomeStretch is looking for interior designers

    SheKnows is looking for two all-star interior designers in the Phoenix-Metro area star in season two of HomeStretch, an original web...
  3. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows HomeStretch is looking for families

    SheKnows is looking for two moms to star in season two of HomeStretch, an original web series that gives moms $2,000 to make over a...
  4. Letter from the Editor

    Introducing... Baby Banter!

    We are proud to announce a very special delivery today -- the stork dropped by with one of the silliest bundles of babies you've...
  5. Letter from the Editor

    Introducing... SheKnows Chat Pack

    We are thrilled to anounce the latest show on SheKnows TV, SK Chat Pack!
  6. Letter from the Editor

    Freelance web designer position available at SheKnows

    We have an exciting opportunity for a talented Phoenix area-based freelance web designer!
  7. Letter from the Editor

    Hiring: SheKnows Promotions Interns

    We are looking for TWO smart, talented and fabulous interns to assist the SheKnows Promotions team this Fall 2011! Interns will...
  8. Letter from the Editor

    Meet the SheKnows Experts!

    Get to know our team of SheKnows Experts, a panel of highly-regarded authorities in their fields who have been hand-selected by our...
  9. Letter from the Editor

    Office manager position available at SheKnows

    We have an exciting opportunity for a dynamic Office Administrator in our Scottsdale office!
  10. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows attends the 2010 AIDS Walk New York

    The SheKnows team participated in the 2010 AIDS Walk New York in May, an event which raised an astounding $5.7 million in funds. The...
  11. Letter from the Editor

    How do you take care of Y-O-U?

    Women are notorious for putting the needs of others before their own. So when it comes to finally doing something for yourself, we...
  12. Letter from the Editor

    Want to be our next marketing intern?

    We're on the hunt for a motivated marketing intern to assist our business development team with marketing strategies, linkbuilding,...
  13. Letter from the Editor

    Seeking video production intern

    We're on the lookout for a video production intern to assist our SK TV team in the production of Daily Dish episodes and webisode...
  14. Letter from the Editor

    Give a Miracle, Win Something Magical

    May has been named the official ‘Children’s Miracle Month.' In honor of this, Children’s Miracle Network and have...
  15. Writer's Guidelines

    Are you an expert? Join the SheKnows Experts advisory panel! is looking for energetic, consumer-oriented resources who are motivated and interested in writing about their favorite...
  16. Letter from the Editor

    SK Entertainment goes to new heights

    It’s a good thing Hollywood's not boring. Just one glance at our entertainment news and latest celeb gossip, and you can see that...
  17. Letter from the Editor

    An open letter to Beyonce Knowles

    Dear Beyonce, You’ve rocked our world with Single Ladies . From your signature and unmistakable dance moves, to your hairstyle, to...
  18. Letter from the Editor

    The SheKnows Books are here!

    The SheKnows books are here!! As I sit and type this, I'm peeking over the pile of boxes upon boxes filled with
  19. Stats


    Review the ad specs below:
  20. Letter from the Editor

    Casting Call for SheKnows TV: Families Collide

    It's true - when you enter into a relationship, it's not just with that special someone, it's with them AND their family. For...

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