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  1. Letter from the Editor

    Welcome Whitney English to SheKnows Entertainment

    We're so pleased to welcome Whitney English, SheKnows Senior Entertainment Editor and Host, as the newest member of the SheKnows...
  2. Letter from the Editor

    Hiring: Ad Operations Specialist

    We're looking for an ad operations specialist at the Scottsdale SheKnows office! See the responsibilities and qualifications below...
  3. Letter from the Editor

    Introducing Man Candy Mondays

    Mondays just got a whole lot better, ladies! With our SheKnows Love section energized now more than ever before with celebrity...
  4. Letter from the Editor

    Welcome Joanie Segall to SheKnows Food

    We're so pleased to welcome Joanie Segall, SheKnows Food Editor, as the newest member of the SheKnows family!
  5. Letter from the Editor

    Have you heard about AllParenting?

    Have you heard the buzz about AllParenting? It's coming!
  6. Letter from the Editor

    2 New bloggers on SheKnows Love & Beauty

    Please join us in welcoming two new bloggers to the SheKnows team!
  7. Find Out About SheKnows

    SheKnows StyleGuide

    The SheKnows StyleGuide is a guide for writers to follow when creating new content for the SheKnows family of sites. To uphold the...
  8. Writer's Guidelines

    Writers' guidelines

    Do you want to write for or one of our sites? Check out the information below to get started!
  9. Letter from the Editor

    Hiring: Special Projects Assistant

    We are looking for a smart, talented and savvy Special Projects Assistant to assist the Business Development team, hands-on...
  10. Letter from the Editor

    Hiring: Senior Software Engineer is one of the leading Women's properties in the world. As we're ever-expanding our feature set, we have a continuous...
  11. Letter from the Editor

    Want to be on live TV?

    Ever dream of being on TV? Grab your friends and join us for lunch and a live taping of SheKnows TV's original series, Chat Pack!
  12. Letter from the Editor

    2011 Editorial Calendars are out!

    The SheKnows 2011 Editorial Calendars are live -- make sure to take a look!
  13. Letter from the Editor

    Hiring: Editor for SheKnows Beauty

    Our SheKnows Content Team is on the lookout for an editor to manage our beauty and style content. Take a look and see if this is the...
  14. Letter from the Editor

    Nominate SheKnows for the 4th annual Mashable Awards

    The 4th annual Mashable Awards are quickly approaching and SheKnows wants to be a part of it!
  15. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows seeks a community manager & linkbuilder

    SheKnows is seeking a dedicated Social Community Manager & Link Builder!
  16. Letter from the Editor

    What's new on SheKnows TV

    Have you seen SheKnows TV recently? We've had a lot going on over here as we worked to bring you our newest SheKnows shows. Browse a...
  17. Letter from the Editor

    Freelance opportunities at SheKnows

    SheKnows, the web's #1 site for parenting, family and women's interests, is currently looking for new additions to its team of...
  18. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows wins 2010 OMMA Award

      On September, 27, 2010 SheKnows was honored with the distinguised 2010 OMMA Website Excellence Award for the...
  19. Letter from the Editor

    SheKnows' Hairstyle Lounge is a finalist for min's Editorial & Design Awards

    We are so pleased to share that SheKnows' Hairstyle Lounge has been named as a finalist for min's Editorial & Design Awards.
  20. Letter from the Editor

    Vote for SheKnows in the 2010 OMMA Awards!

    We are excited to announce that is an 2010 OMMA Awards finalist! But to get to the next level, we need your vote.

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