Marketing To Our Audience

It all starts with our tagline - Find out. Have fun. Be you. In addition to describing what more than 41 million readers (comScore, November 2012) are doing every time they visit SheKnows, this is also the best way for you, our advertisers, to connect with your target audience here on SheKnows. Find out how our audience interacts with SheKnows, have fun with your message and be you - in all your advertising glory!

How to connect the SheKnows audience

1. Make your message relatable. Everyone needs a little more R&R in their life (that's rest and relaxation, for those of you who haven't been dancing around action figures and deadlines since the time you woke up this morning). But a SheKnows gal also needs some R&R from you – a message that relatable and relevant. Our readers expect SheKnows to deliver current, comprehensive information on the topics they're interested in, and that's what we do. Content that offers unique solutions or creative ways to address a common problem performs exceptionally well.

2. Respect the reader.
Our visitors are a savvy bunch. Don't talk down to them, but don't flatter them, either. They expect straight facts with a little sass thrown in for good measure. Provide an interesting perspective and the facts to back it up. Need help with the sass part? No problem, our senior sass editor will spice up your message so it sticks with our readers (no, we don't really have a sass editor on the team, but we'll make sure your message resonates with the audience, just the same.) Most of all, respect the readers of the site as the intelligent women they are and partner with us to provide them with reliable, researched content that earns their trust.

3. Realize they're on to you.Our audience has internet smarts so they're accustomed to being bombarded with advertising messages. They trust SheKnows to provide accessible, helpful content and they're on to the fact that you're an advertiser on the page. We love your ideas, but don't be surprised when we tell you "No." We'll say it nicely, of course, but it's for your own good. In order to maintain the integrity of the content on SheKnows, we won't write a salesy, advertorial style article for you. Our readers are too smart for that and they'd immediately recognize it for what it is – content solely focused on you, not them. Refer to #1 and let us help you craft a campaign that delivers for you, us and them!

4. Rein it in, please.Yes, the logo on your ad could be bigger and brighter. However, we hope you realize that when it comes to connecting with our audience, more isn't always better. The multitasking mavens who flock to SheKnows have enough things loudly demanding their attention – emails are popping up, cell phones are ringing, texts and IMs are bing-ing their way into the few moments of peace and quiet they've found. Literal bells and whistles around your content will reduce them to tears and they won't be able to jump off the page (and away from your message) quickly enough. Instead, we'll help you create a clean, relevant campaign that will resonate with the reader. We love finding creative ways to integrate your content across our site in a way that meets your impression goals.

5. Check the expiration date. Just like the milk in the fridge, your message probably has an expiration date. Getting noticed is all about putting a fresh spin on your initiatives and SheKnows is the place to do that. We are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our readership. They're already engaged with SheKnows, now it's time to connect with them so they keep coming back. Your initiatives help us do that by providing fresh, new, unique content and interactions to the site that keep people coming back and seeing more of your message. Help us find an interesting way to present your message.