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On any given day, your inbox gets flooded with the good, the bad, the urgent and the nonsense, your phone nearly buzzes itself right off the table, your IM bing!'s about a million times a day leaving the sound so fresh in your mind that you think... hold it... you think you hear it... Right. This. Second. And the tweets on your Twitter cause such a twitterific flutter that you can hardly remember how to communicate in sentences exceeding 140 characters.

And the darndest thing is that you're expected to keep up with all of this while also being true to the very most important (often complicated and overwhelming) YOU: a wife, a mother, a friend, a lover. Face it lady, you could use a helping hand once in a while, and we have just the helpful hands to help you.


Millions of women each month turn to SheKnows for helpful advice on parenting and relationships, and staying true to what we do best, we are so very pleased to bring SheKnows to life in print and announce the upcoming release of the very first SheKnows books: Presents The Mommy Files: Secrets Every New Mom Should Know (that no one else will tell you!) and Presents The Best Sex of Your Life: 101 Secrets Every Woman Should Know.


These books are chock full of resources, wisdom, brutally honest advice, and ways to learn, grow and blossom in motherhood and your relationship. We hope you love these as much as we do!

The Mommy Files

SheKnows Parenting Expert and author of Presents The Mommy Files, Jen Klein, takes readers through each loveable (and detestable) step toward that coveted title that will be screamed so many times in the years to come: "Mommy!" She delves into the following subjects with humor, honesty and heart:
•    Your pediatrician is your partner, not your adversary
•    Playgroups are for moms more than they are for kids
•    Being a supermom is all about asking for help

For a sneak peek, check out these excerpts from the book:
The myth of perfect parents
Good parenting is sexy
Don't get too attached to birth plans

SheKnows Presents: The Mommy Files is available on bookstore shelves nationwide, or you can order a copy online!

Best Sex of Your Life

Love & Sex Experts Dan Baritchi and Jennifer Hunt, authors of Presents The Best Sex of Your Life, pour their experience and knowledge into creating a sexy authoritative guide to sex. From blush-worthy tips on positions, sex toys and the G-spot, to advice on bringing out your inner seductress, this book is full of ideas for mixing it up between the sheets, being creative and keeping your sex life fresh and interesting.

Can't wait? Check out these excerpts from the book:
Does size matter?
How to take charge in the bedroom
Is it OK to have sex during your period?
Why you should sleep naked

SheKnows Presents: The Best Sex of Your Life is available on bookstore shelves nationwide, or you can order a copy online!




Shequlia Edwards July 24, 2010 | 7:51 PM

I have my baby at the begaining of Aug

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