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Who is the Sheknows User?

Gender: 92% Female

Age: 73% 18-49

Education:  79% attended college

Household Income: 54% $50k+, 16% 100k+

Have Children in Household:  54%

Married: 66%

Employment: 54% full-time, 19% Stay at home mom

Loyalty:  78% visit several times a week

Online Behavior: 67% browse and shop online occasionally to often; 79% spend 11+ hours online each week

Social Behavior: Over 86% are active in social communities

*comScore, November 2012

Woman on a computer

She is...

A multi-faceted woman:

  • Attended college: Index 164*
  • Currently a full time employee: Index 153
  • Have shopped online: Index 165
  • Online at least once per day: Index 160

Woman in her 40s

A household CEO:

  • Have a household income of $75K-$100K: Index 289
  • Provides frequent advice related to household food and beverages: Index 148
  • Frequently provides advice on health & diet: Index 165
  • Frequently provides parenting and family advice: Index 140

Mom with daughter

A busy mom:

  • Have 2 children in the household: Index 247
  • Have children in the household: Index 156
  • Read Parenting magazine in the past month: Index 390
  • Are the head of the household: Index 222

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