Experts Among Us Writer's Guidelines

Just became a member of Experts Among Us? Before you start producing content, check out these helpful guidelines.

If she wants to know it, we want to cover it! Are you an expert at keeping your kids' activities organized? Do your friends call on your for home-decorating tips? Whatever your passion, we want our Experts Among Us community to share it with our readers.

We encourage and favor originality, creativity and interactive twists on the ordinary, and love a good "how-to, can-do" angle.

Here are a few of our favorite articles from our Experts Among Us community.

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We are interested in originalunpublished content on the following topics:

  • Family, parenting & pregnancy
  • Food, cooking & recipes
  • Beauty, fashion & style
  • Home DIY, improvement & decor
  • Budgeting, savings & career
  • Relationships, marriage, dating & breakups
  • Crafts & activities

Don't see a topic listed here? No problem! We welcome you to send in ideas to our EAU team as inspiration strikes.

What are we looking for?

Our features run from 350 to 500 words, depending on the subject/specific assignment. We are looking for original, unpublished posts that give our readers insight into your passion and leaves them with a specific call-to-action or idea. Need a little more direction? We invite our experts to write a SheKnows 7 -- a list article with seven steps or ideas -- on a topic of your choice. Check out some of our favorite SheKnows 7 articles above.

In addition to original and creative topics, all articles go through the SheKnows editing process. As you create your content, be sure to be sure that your article:

  • Contains proper grammar and spelling
  • Does not contain profanity
  • Does not use text speak, shorthand or emoticons (i.e., LOL, XOXO, etc.)
  • Does not contain personal signatures
  • Includes only photos that you own or have the rights to use

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Be sure to review our photo guidelines, as well as the SheKnows StyleGuide, for editorial standards and expectations!