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we love this Gossip boy hottie

With the premiere of Dexter, Season 8, right around the corner comes a new opportunity to tune in to Desmond Harrington on a regular basis. To get you primed, we've elaborated on why he's our favorite twisted hottie...

Desmond Harrington

Why we love him

We can't decide if it's the chiseled jaw, the perfect smile or the conflicted characters that Desmond crafts so well that makes our hearts beat a bit faster.

Desmond Harrington

Born: Oct. 19, 1976

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Height: 5' 10”

Troubled or restless?

Dashing Desmond was born in Savannah, but moved to Bronx, New York, with his parents when he was only 3 years old. During his high school years, he was described as being in and out of trouble, conceited and hyper. The hunk who would one day become Gossip Girl's Jack Bass didn't fare much better in college. After going to Manhattan College for six weeks, the actor was cordially uninvited from coming back. (No details on what dastardly deed got him expelled from school.)

Harrington jumped in on acting classes and paid for them by bartending, landscaping and cold-calling for a brokerage firm. How thankful are we that he finally figured out a way to harness all that energy into acting?

Lovable klutz

On the set of Love Object, it's been rumored that Harrington, who did most of his own stunts, accidentally knocked over co-star Melissa Sagemiller more than once. He also accidentally hit another actor with a prop, and that actor refused to do scenes with Desmond and power tools in the same room. Harrington brushed off the rumors, telling in an interview that the only on-set accidents involved the creepy doll getting dropped several times, “which wasn't good because it cost $10,000.”

In Wrong Turn, Harrington addressed the on-set mishaps by saying, “I didn't break my ankle but twisted it to the point where it turned different colors and was very hard to walk on let alone run, which we did a lot of in the movie. I believe Eliza (his co-star) got poison ivy, I luckily did not.” Aww. Isn't there something sort of endearing about a clumsy hottie? We're here to kiss it and make it all better, right ladies?

When do we get to see him again?

Desmond is back on Showtime's smash hit Dexter as Detective Joey Quinn. Set your DVRs ladies — Dexter premiered June 30 and you won't want to miss a minute of the twisted dynamic between Quinn and the serial-killer-with-a-cause, Dexter. When TMZ asked Harrington for spoilers from the upcoming season, he said, “I'm the last person. I ain't even that high up in the cast. So I'm the last person you want to ask.” How adorably humble!

Desmond's relationship status

Desmond Harrington and Amanda Seyfried

In one of Hollywood's most vexing “are they or aren't they” dating statuses, Desmond Harrington and gal-pal Amanda Seyfried are keeping us guessing. The two were first reported dating in July 2012, and cozy pictures of them holding hands were published well into October. In the January issue of InStyle magazine, Les Mis star Amanda cryptically said, “I'm just more attracted to actors. I like their choice to be artists — that's ballsy. And a guy who has such access to his emotional life is sexy. Or maybe because lots of the actors I know are so broken. I don't think I'm compatible with anybody I've dated. Maybe I'm so attracted to actors because I'm not ready for the ‘settled down' thing yet.” While no new updates about the couple have surfaced recently, neither has word of a breakup. What does that mean for us? If he's looking to settle down, he may be on his way out with Amanda.

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Comments on "Man Candy Mondays: Desmond Harrington"

Jennifer July 01, 2013 | 6:26 AM

I love him! Such a fantastic actor with a ton of range and, though he often plays shady characters, he has played nice guys JUST as convincingly! And those eyes...he's gorgeous.

madda July 01, 2013 | 5:34 AM

He is the reason I started watching Dexter. He rarely smiles but when he does it's just....OMG. In the season premiere he smiled for a second and after that I just could not concentrate on the rest of the episode anymore. He is a very good actor. I have seen him in a lot of movies and he never disappointed me.

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