It's The Little Things

When we’re busy maintaining our work and family lives, it’s tough to remember to maintain our relationships. After all, he’s your rock and he’s always there for you. However, sometimes his presence is taken for granted. The first step to changing that is recognizing it. Doing little things every day to show him he’s appreciated and loved can help strengthen a relationship, whether you’re two months in or 20 years.

Woman giving man a small gift


Little gifts

You know he loves his gummy bears. When you're at the grocery store, drop by the candy aisle and pick some up just for him to let him know you were thinking about him.



Still think he's sexy? You don't need to outright say it, but giving a playful tap on the butt, kiss on the neck or the up-down look is a great way to show him he's still wanted.


Surprise favors

You know he's been meaning to replace the outside hose with the hole in it, but he hasn't got around to it since he's been so busy with work. Head to the store and buy a new one when you have some spare time. It lightens his load and gives you more time together to play.



Smile at him. It lets him know everything is OK between you and him, even when things get tough.



Seriously. This is a no-brainer, but often goes overlooked on busy days.


Take care of yourself

If you've made a commitment to him, he wants to make sure you're around for a long time. Exercise, eat right and do the things that make you feel good about yourself.


Make time for him

Even if you're just watching Thursday night's TV comedy lineup together, turn off the phone and step away from the computer for some alone time.


Isolated ice cream

Get gussied up

Do something fun to your hair or change up your makeup. Wear that sexy dress he loves. Keep the way you look interesting, and he'll always come back for more.


Surprise snacks

Know he's feeling tired? Bring him some coffee and a banana. Know he gets a sweet tooth in the afternoon? An ice cream treat on his desk might brighten his day.


"I love you"

Simple, to the point and sincere. That's the way to do it.

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Comments on "20 Gestures to do every day to show him you care"

Brian August 20, 2013 | 9:00 AM

Regarding #8: Seriously? "Keep the way you look interesting, and he'll always come back for more." You're joking, right? How about, "Keep Your relationship interesting and He'll always come back for more"? As a Guy, I promise We are far more interested in Women Who *ARE* interesting than Those Who only *LOOK* interesting.

Denise C June 24, 2013 | 11:44 AM

I have another one for your list. Once or twice per month I send my much loved hubby a card through the mail. I put no return address (make sure you double check your envelope so it doesn't get lost with no return address on it), and make sure he checks the mail. It sounds like nothing, but I know he loves it. Also, I leave little notes on the bathroom mirror for him, nothing major, just a simple I love you, and thank you for taking care of us. Men LOVE to hear that they are appreciated for all the hard work they do every day. After 12 years, and three kids I still love that man like it was our first time meeting.

Minny G Engles June 23, 2013 | 3:53 PM

I used to buy my hero a flower and put it in his lapel now and then.

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