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There's a whole lot of work that goes into a wedding — but a very important part is that first impression, the invitation. You have a huge selection of wedding invitation designers out there, but consider jumping out of that box and designing your own!


Backyard BBQ

Ashley Knecht's wedding invitations

Ashley Knecht of the accidentalolympian.com is getting married this summer and designed her own invitations. "Our summer wedding is a backyard, BBQ, DIY event held at my fiance's parents' home in Bend, OR," says Knecht. View the original blog post about this invite here!



Courtney Whitmore's wedding invites
Photo by tec petaja, invites by amberhousley.com

Courtney Whitmore of Pizzazzerie wanted her wedding invitations to be a blend of classic traditional mixed with the fun black-and-white stripes of her reception, so they added in pops of black-and-white stripes, some Kelly green, and of course, ribbon! "Being a Southern girl, I also added in a monogram (my new last name — "W") throughout the invitations. Lastly, my beloved dog Henry made an appearance on the RSVP Envelope stamps for a bit of whimsy!" says Courtney.



Sarah Potempa's watercolor invites

One of our favorite ladies in the world of celebrity hair stylists, Sarah Potempa, designed her wedding invitations when her husband was still in dental school in Michigan and she was living in New York City. "I had a lot of time and I was sooo excited about our wedding. I love to paint so I decided to do an invitation size painting of the church, St. Hyacinth Basilica, in Chicago. After I finished the watercolor, we made color copies and placed a vellum over the top with the printed formal invitation!"


Go green

Katie Martin's wedding invites

Katie Martin, a public relations specialist at Salisbury University in Maryland, just mailed out her wedding invites this week. Katie and her fiance both work at Salisbury University in Maryland and are getting married April 13, 2013 (for good luck!). "Ours (in my opinion, of course) are an incredibly fun spring set designed by InvitationsByAlecia (Etsy seller). Curry yellow envelope... burlap backed, handmade paper invitation with a matching reply card and ivory accommodations card... all packaged with a twine tie. We especially like our 'Green Living' stamps, and our return stamp, which was also created by an Etsy seller (SaveTheDate). My mom did the calligraphy!" says Katie.



Lotus' wedding invitations

Lotus Palencia got inspired by a Pinterest board that contained an illustration of a bride, groom and church and decided to rework the concept to depict her own upcoming English wedding. "I played with fonts and the size of text and the colors of our wedding: gray and yellow! We're trying to stay in a budget for our wedding so we had our friends who own a print shop print them as a gift to our wedding. We got envelopes from Walmart and wrote the names out with a gold pen and we had cut yellow hearts taped to the back where the envelopes close."

Getting started

Considering making your own invitations? "The thought of making your own wedding invitations, while a romantic notion at best, can often become the most daunting pre-nuptial nightmare one can endure," says Marc Friedland, Creative Director of Marc Friedland Couture Communications.

Here are some tips from Marc to ease your road to creative brilliance:

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Be sure to plan far enough in advance for the crafting process. "Consider making a few prototypes and testing their construction by mailing them to yourself to see how they go through the mail," says Marc.
  • Part of DIY is the personal touch. "You may want to create a unique object or special gift to serve as your invitation but something that is heartfelt and meaningful. For example, a custom packaged candle, framed invitation or sachet could be a lovely keepsake. But a DVD or USB drive, while it could be a cute idea for a tech conference, isn’t the most romantic for your wedding," says Marc.

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