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Finally wedding designers are starting to wise up and create fashion-forward yet functional dresses that will have all your bridesmaids saying, “I do!”

J. Crew Taryn Dress

J. Crew Taryn Dress

We predict this stunning little silk chiffon dress will get a whole heck of a lot of wear by your bridesmaids in the years to come! It’s perfect for a special event and can even be worn to another wedding they aren’t actually in. The fact that it flatters any figure and is available in 14 different colors is just an added bonus.

(, $250)

Von Vonni Transformer Dress

Von Vonni Transformer Dress

A comfortable dress that can be worn in over 25 ways? Umm, count us in! The Von Vonni Transformer dress allows your bridesmaids to customize their own unique wedding day looks, while still looking like a uniform bridal party. Plus, one size fits most so you won’t have to worry about the stress of someone losing or gaining weight. And, of course, your bridesmaids will be thrilled to death to have a gorgeous new dress in their closet that’s more like having 25!

(, $120)

Ann Taylor Silk Dupioni V-Neck Dress

Ann Taylor Silk Dupioni V-Neck Dress

We don’t know about you, but we’d be pumped to put on this silky dress any day, and we bet your bridesmaids will feel the same way too. With a flirty, feminine sash and a va-va-voom v-neck, it’s the ideal frock for a summer wedding or a fancy night out on the town. What more could a girl ask for?

(, $235)

David’s Bridal Sleeveless Chiffon Short Dress

David’s Bridal Sleeveless Chiffon Short Dress

Give your bridesmaids something to really get excited about! This super chic (and girly) chiffon dress features a high neckline and beautifully beaded straps that only add to the elegance. Not to mention, it comes in an assortment of striking colors that will make all your gal pals happy. Because of the length and style, they’ll be dying to rock it again.

(, $149)

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Hannah March 08, 2013 | 3:58 PM

Love these!! they're all very beautiful, but I just never have anywhere else super fancy to go, haha.

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