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We couldn’t help but be fascinated when we saw Kim Kardashian’s bridal registry at Geary’s in Beverly Hills and the glorious gifts that she had chosen. Those beautiful Hermes dishes and the over-the-top $7,000 vase would make anyone go starry-eyed. How about the amazing $2,800 knife set on Kristen Cavallari’s gift list or that $10,000 rug for Kate Moss’ wedding? It kind of makes you glad that you weren’t invited to any of these weddings, doesn’t it? But let’s get real.

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamGo the Will & Kate route

Not all of the celebs are registering for such extravagance. More and more of them are using their popularity when they tie the knot to help causes that they care about. Take Prince William and Kate Middleton for example. They set up their Royal Charity Wedding Fund, where well-wishers were able to choose from 26 different charities, some even quite small, that were near and dear to their heart. Other celebs that chose to ask guests to make charitable donations instead of giving gifts for their wedding include Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie.

Make it simple

We are big fans of reality TV star Ashley Hebert, who, among other celebrities, was registered at MyRegistry.com. Ashley, who just got married, is another shining example of a selfless, down-to-earth bride — no spoiled princess here. Most of the gifts on her registry were practical items that you and I would love to have in our kitchens. The traditional and relatively mainstream registry is interspersed with some reasonably priced artisan serving pieces from a local New York boutique. The bulk of her registry includes a variety of charitable organizations helping children, as she would like guests to make donations on behalf of her and her fiancé J.P. After Hurricane Sandy devastated the tri-state area (where J.P. grew up and the couple now reside), they updated the registry to include charities helping with local relief efforts.

Celebs are just like us

Surprisingly, there are many celebrity registries you actually never hear about because they are filled with everyday items that are hardly worth mentioning. Many celebrity couples register for traditional and inexpensive items, from frying pans to spatulas, to build their new home together. This just goes to show you that celebrities don’t have everything that we think they have. At the end of the day, celebs go home and make omelets just like the rest of us.

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Hannah December 20, 2012 | 2:01 PM

It doesn't surprise me that their registries are pretty normal. The guests probably aren't all rich so they need to have affordable items, and affordable items like pans and cookware are necessities!

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