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Return it or wear it?

Present etiquette for couples

So he got you the ugliest sweater you’ve ever seen for Christmas. Do you pretend to like it or return it for something you might actually wear? It’s a tough call, but we have some tips on how to deal.

What did he get you?

How bad is it? Is it something you can politely fold up and put in a drawer, or something bigger and more expensive that he’ll expect to see you wearing on the regular? If it wasn’t just a small gift or stocking stuffer type of item, and something he really put a lot of thought into (despite its awfulness), you might want to consider returning it so you don’t have to wear it every time you’re with him.

Honesty vs. hurt feelings

If you’ve decided to return something he’s given you, there are a few options to consider. You can keep it a secret, but then when he asks you why you never wear item X, you have to lie every time and tell him it’s in the wash or at the dry cleaners. If you keep the item and wear it every time he comes over, while it will make him happy, he’s going to think you actually like it. This runs the risk of him repeating the colossal gifting error again and again. If you are going to be upfront and tell him you plan on returning it, be nice about it. Tell him it’s just not your color, that the fit makes you look fat, that you're allergic to the material or whatever you can think of to soften the blow.

giftGift hinting for next time

To avoid a similar bad gift scenario next time, there are a few things you can try. You can tell him what you want (or make a list of several items for him to choose from), you can suggest you splurge on a fancy night on the town instead of exchanging gifts (sexy and romantic) or you can drop hints all year leading up to Christmas in hopes that by the time he starts shopping next season, he’ll have a much better idea of what you want.

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Comments on "Holiday dating dilemma: Is it wrong to return his gift if I don't like it?"

Katie December 27, 2012 | 11:04 AM

I think it depends on how new of a couple you are. If it's a new boyfriend, just be thankful and if you really hate what he gave you, just wear it around him. If it's your husband or someone you've been with for awhile, I think it's OK to be honest as long as that person isn't super sensitive.

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