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Gift-hinting tips

Hint your way to the perfect gift

Not every guy is going to be great at picking out gifts. Some just seem to have a knack while others don’t have a clue. If your guy has a habit of choosing awful gifts, we’re here to help. Try a few of these techniques to avoid another less-than-perfect present.

Drop (subtle) hints

It’s nice to assume our guys will pick up on what we most want or need without needing to be spoon fed hints, but more often than not, they need a little help. The trick is to be subtle but consistent, meaning drop the same hint at different intervals leading up to the holidays so you ideally drill the idea into your guy’s brain (without him realizing what’s happening). You can also point out things you love at the mall or in magazines and hope he takes the hint.

Ask for what you want

If he just can’t seem to get a clue from the hints you drop every year, maybe you just need to be honest about what you’d like him to get you. No, it won’t be a surprise but at least you won’t have to discreetly stuff it into the back of your closet or worse, throw it away after pretending you love it.

Splurge on a joint gift

Rather than him buying something for you and vice versa, why not pool your holiday budget and get something you both want, or put the money you would have spent on gifts towards something really cool? Maybe it’s a trip, maybe it’s a new TV or computer. Either way, agree on what’s highest on both your lists and make it happen!

Plan events for each other instead of buying

Gifts don’t have to come in boxes; you can have just as much fun figuring out festive ways to show you care that don’t involve trips to the mall. Agree to each plan a date night for the other person that will involve some of their favorite things, be it food, activities or venues where you live.

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Comments on "Help! I hate my boyfriend's taste in gifts"

Lisa December 14, 2012 | 12:04 PM

Men aren't always the best at picking out gifts, so I think it's best to be honest. If you don't care what they get you, than just be appreciative of anything! After all, it's the thought that counts.

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