The Gift Of Friendship

Your girls have been there for you all year long, so it's about time you show them a little love! This holiday season, get them a gift that shows them you really listen. I've rounded up a few fun options!

Vistaprint cards

The fashionista

Everybody has a fashion forward friend who's always on top of the latest style trends, but these gals are often hard to shop for. They're the girls who have everything, so what the heck can you get them? I've found a fun idea! Vistaprint has a super fun feature where you can customize just about anything, including stationery sets, in all sorts of fashionable patterns. Whether you decide to design your friend a custom set of notecards, pens, sticky notes or basically anything you want, she'll love this unique gift! (, prices vary)

The Bobbi Brown Eat Pretty Powerful Cube

The do-gooder

Is your BFF an activist at heart? Then treat her this holiday season with a sweet gift. KIND Healthy Snacks just released a bunch of adorable gift sets of tasty and nutritious snack bars. One we're currently digging? The Bobbi Brown Eat Pretty Powerful Cube, curated by Bobbi herself! The best part? A portion of sales will benefit charity! (, $43)

Edward Marc Chocolatier oreos

The foodie

Does your bestie have a major sweet tooth? Treat her to the chocolaty goodness of Edward Marc Chocolatier! We're currently salivating over their holiday treats, namely the delicious chocolate-covered Oreos, Santa's boot and the royal tannenbaum! Need we say more? (, prices vary) 

Vince Camuto for men eau de toilette and Tommy Bahama gift set

The male BFF

You might not immediately think to buy your male bestie a beauty gift, but the guys we know have recently fallen for a few fab fragrances and we think yours will too. So what scents are making them smile? Vince Camuto for men eau de toilette (, $57) and Tommy Bahama Men’s Coffret Gift Set (, $50).

Shimmering Snow bouquet

The flower girl

Every woman has a friend with a green thumb, but even if your bestie isn't adept at planting her own flowers, she'll sure appreciate receiving them! Teleflora has always been one of our favorite flower companies and releases new beautiful bouquets every season. This holiday season, send your BFF the gorgeous Shimmering Snow bouquet for only $50.

Hex sleeve

The techie

So your BFF never leaves the house without her laptop, does she? Then she might just love a new sleeve for her little precious baby! We've recently fallen for this chic yet practical design by Hex and know your bestie will too! (, $50)

The beauty maven

Tweezerman's Red Glitter Petite Tweeze Set

Does your bestie have just about every new makeup palette already? We've got two ideas for the beauty who has everything. P&G's Beautifully Smooth gift set (, $10) features a Venus razor, an Olay body wash and a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner from Pantene. Even better? With every purchase, your recipient will get a free magazine subscription! Cool, right?

Or, give your friend something she can use all year long that doesn't have a shelf life. Tweezerman's Red Glitter Petite Tweeze Set features the brand's famous Slant and Point tweezers in a smaller size in a dazzling red glitter. The best part? They're housed in a tres chic red snakeskin leather case!  (, $30)

Little Luxuries set

The jetsetter

If your BFF logs more time in the air than she does at home or work, she's in serious need of a practical gift this holiday season. Get her this adorable and quite useful set of mini travel beauty goodies from P&G. This Little Luxuries set (, $6) will keep her looking beautiful and help her avoid any last-minute beauty shopping before her next trip!

Lauren Conrad's Kohl's contact case

The workaholic

Most of us know a workaholic who works her eyes to their extreme. In many cases, these ladies require a serious prescription eyeglass for all that computer time they log! If your girl occasionally swaps her frames for contacts, gift her this totally chic (and wicked cheap!) contact case from Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line. The best part? Proceeds from every purchase will benefit charity! (, $5)


Give back this season: Looking for a way to do good this holiday season with your friends without breaking the bank? Join in the 10 Million Stronger, FLINTSTONES Vitamins campaign with Vitamin Angels by making a donation of 25 cents or more at and spreading the word to your friends. (Flintstones has donated $300,000 to Vitamin Angels in 2012 to help fund essential vitamin A for more than 1 million children in need)

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Sara February 13, 2013 | 1:24 PM

These are great gifts for my friend's birthday coming up! this gave me some good advice! :)

Amy February 08, 2013 | 6:28 PM

Really good gift ideas! My friends all love wine so I normally get them a bottle for their bday's.

Katie December 12, 2012 | 2:32 PM

Great ideas! Another easy gift idea - if you have multiple friends to shop for - is to bake up some homemade holiday treats. I do this every year and give them those along with an ornament unique to them.

Leslie December 10, 2012 | 10:22 AM

Loving all these gift ideas! thanks!

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