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Wondering how your sex life stacks up against other Americans? We’ve got you covered -- or rather we’ve "uncovered" what the nation is getting up to thanks to some revealing stats from the recent Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey.

Sex stat roundup

Fun with stats: How does your sex life stack up?

We wanted to share some of the statistics from the Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey that really caught our eye. From sexting and phone sex, to getting it on outdoors, check out the top 10 ways Americans are enjoying themselves in (and out of) the sack.

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Comments on "We find out what Americans are doing between the sheets"

Katie September 27, 2012 | 9:02 PM

Great survey! Very fun read. I'm surprised to know that only 67% of American's are satisfied with their life!! That's pretty low. I think if you're not satisfied you need to communicate better with your lover.

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