Brooke Burke's new lingerie line

With her first wedding anniversary approaching, newlywed Brooke Burke launches a lingerie line and shares her relationship tips with SheKnows.

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Brooke Burke and husband David

Though they’ve known each other for almost 20 years and have two children together, Brooke Burke and hubby David Charvet are just now celebrating their one year anniversary.

"That husband label, it’s more complete and it’s special," Brooke told SheKnows at the launch of her new lingerie line, intiMINT.

The longtime couple tied the knot last August on a yacht in St. Barts with their four kids (two from Brooke’s previous marriage) in attendance.

So how is the happy couple celebrating one year of wedded bliss? With her sexy lingerie, we assume!

"We’re going to be home. We’re going to do a staycation," said Brooke. We’re thinking for David’s benefit, Brooke will make the staycation special by breaking out some of her new pieces.

"He’s French, so of course he likes very sexy lingerie," said Brooke.

"He’s French, so of course he likes very sexy lingerie."

She, on the other hand, values comfort. Luckily, it seems Charvet isn’t too picky.

Brooke Burke's new lingerie line

"Even if I have a beautiful pair of panties on, and I’m in his T-shirt, I feel like a woman," Brooke told us. "It’s sexy and he loves it all."

"Even if I have a beautiful pair of panties on, and I’m in his T-shirt, I feel like a woman."

Brooke’s new line has plenty of pieces that fit into both categories, from lacy thongs to loungewear.

"It doesn’t have to be all sexy," Brooke told us. "It’s all about feeling beautiful. I like sensible fabrics that are light to the touch. It’s about flattering silhouettes, fashion colors and pieces that are meant to be seen."

Brooke told us that her collection is meant to be displayed under layered looks.

"You have that one tank top where you can’t hide your bra, so we say show it with a more beautiful color or a lace that’s intentionally meant to be shown," said Brooke.

Check out Brooke's intiMINT Apparel

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Comments on "Newlywed Brooke Burke talks lingerie and love"

Alexis, brayola expert November 20, 2012 | 7:03 PM

Her line looks fabulous! As Emma and Amanda already pointed out, it's very feminine, but it looks like it's for any woman. I especially love the lace bra and underwear sets, I would so wear that under most of the clothes in my closet :)

Amanda July 22, 2012 | 10:13 AM

I love Brooke and her lingerie line! It's very y yet feminine, which is the perfect combination. For my hubby and I's one year anniversary we had a Staycation as well. Sometimes those are the best - completely stress free, no planning, and you can just enjoy each other.

Emma July 20, 2012 | 3:04 PM

Brooke is absolutely gorgeous! I love her new lingerie line, it is pretty and feminine, yet very wearable. I love the idea of taking a piece where you can't help but show you under garments, and making sure those under garments are pretty to look at!

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