It's A Fling Thing

Summer is prime time for a fun, flirty fling. If you’re craving some summer lovin’, look no further than the few tried and true places that cute guys seem to congregate.

Summer hookup

A music festival

Probably your number one spot for finding a summer hookup, music festivals are filled with fling-potential. Laid-back music-loving dudes, great tunes and hot days are the perfect formula for finding someone to spend a little quality time with this summer.

Pool party or backyard BBQ

You’ll likely get invited to countless events this summer and they’re usually a great place to meet guys. Not only will you be having a great time with friends, it’s a summer party so everyone wants to mingle and have as good a time as possible. The positive energy, focus on fun and often-eclectic mix of people make any seasonal get-together an ideal place to connect with someone cool.

At the beach

Lots of skin, buff bods and fabulous weather equal the perfect combination for finding the ultimate summer hookup. Grab your best girlfriend, scope out a prime spot of sand and see if the cute guys beside you want to play an impromptu game of beach volleyball or toss a Frisbee around in the water. Don’t forget to ask one of them to put sunscreen on your back.

On a road trip

Road trips are one of those quintessential summer activities that every group of friends should undertake. Not only will it be a great bonding experience, but you never know who you might meet on the road. Cute guys abound -- at state fairs, off-the-beaten-path bars and even campgrounds. Be open to meeting new people and you could make a summer love connection (at least for the duration of your trip).

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Comments on "Best places to find a hot summer hookup"

collprin June 01, 2013 | 7:15 PM

oh god. the men at the beach where i live. not y

Erica June 20, 2012 | 9:32 AM

For some reason I always, always see cute guys when I travel. It doesn't matter where I'm going or how I get there, but cute guys are always at travel hubs! Whether it's at the airport in Las Vegas or at a gas station in Sedona, there will be cute guys anywhere that isn't home. Ha.

Lauren June 20, 2012 | 5:05 AM

BBQs are the best way to meet guys! Such a relaxed, fun environment full of swimming, eating, and drinking. A music festival is always fun, too. If there aren't any music festivals in your area, try going to a bar with different performers or an open mic night.

Emma June 19, 2012 | 1:53 PM

I met my last guy at a summer bbq and it even went past the fling status! Such a great, relaxed way to mingle and meet people. Summer time is definitely a great time to be on the prowl and find someone to share the time with.

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