Wackiest wedding registries

Combing through a bride and groom's wedding registry is like peeking into their bedroom: It feels a little voyeuristic, but the information you gather can tell you a lot about them as a couple.

Someone actually registered for that?

That said, some of the choices that future brides and grooms choose run the gamut from a wee bit offbeat to record-screech-worthy. Nancy Lee, president of universal gift-registry site MyRegistry.com, shared some of the craziest items she's seen brides-to-be choose  — and then we asked real women to spill about the crazy stuff they've seen on their friends' (or their own!) registries.

One of the biggest gifts Lee has seen a couple register for? A private island. (Yes, really.) But even couples who aren't trying to pull a Johnny Depp have tastes that verge on eccentric. Normal-seeming couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo registered for a lovely but ostentatious $200 silver-plated wine funnel. Here are the zaniest gifts Lee has seen on regular brides' registries:

  1. Garden Charging Station
  2. IRobot Scooba Vacuum
  3. ThinkGeek Pop Art Toaster
  4. Star Trek Electronic Door Chime
  5. Unzipped Glass Candy Dish
  6. Kegorator: Beer Keg Cooler
  7. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster
  8. Come In, Go Away Doormat
  9. LED Faucet Lights
  10. Kohler Toilet

So what's a quirky bride to do? Don't worry if you want to put something unconventional on your registry, even if it's expensive, Lee says. Or you can "register" for cold, hard cash and buy what you covet yourself.

"Some big-ticket items are fine, as long as they are not the only things on your registry," Lee says. "MyRegistry.com offers members a customized Cash Gift Fund feature where guests can contribute any amount using a credit card towards those higher priced items. Couples use it not only to get products, but for things like a down payment on a new home, a renovation fund, a honeymoon fund and more. "

And, hey, it's your wedding, so don't hold back on the number of items you pick. Giving guests a wide variety of options is the key to registry etiquette.

"Register for everything you want and need!" says Lee. "Be sure to include items in every price point. You never know what a guest will feel is the appropriate amount to spend."

Fingers crossed for that $5,000 espresso machine!

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Comments on "Wackiest wedding registries"

Courtney December 20, 2012 | 12:34 PM

These are hilarious, but I can kind of understand registering for gifts that express your style and personality - even they are wacky. I think it's a good idea to ask for a mix of 'special' and box-store gifts. And now that so many brides use apps to plan their wedding registries they have more control over what they receive. (by the way I just got married and used Wedding Registry by iList Apps if anyone is think of going the app route - it's so easy)

Kenneth May 30, 2012 | 12:42 PM

Register? When I got married you got 6 toasters and were grateful for each one.

Emma May 23, 2012 | 11:57 AM

These are hilarious! Some people are so extreme. I think it is good to give your guests a variety of higher and low priced items. Sometimes multiple friends will go in together on a gift and that is so fun! My brother and his wife registered for toilet paper and paper towels, I was mortified and immediately yelled at him to take it off and be a little more classy!

Courtney May 23, 2012 | 10:08 AM

Haha, no one needs a Star Trek Electronic Door Chime...that sounds like maybe the future husband scanned this item without the bride knowing.

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