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Let’s face it: Planning your wedding is stressful. Even when creating your registry, the endless gift possibilities can be just as overwhelming as they are exciting. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a stress-free and enjoyable registry, before and after your wedding.

Creating your registry

Create an online registry

Registering online is convenient for you and your guests. If you really want that in-store registry experience, find a registry with online and in-store options. offers a Sync & Display feature where members can import their in-store registries from select stores onto their universal registry, which then updates whenever a gift is purchased online or in-store.

Register together

In the past, wedding registries were primarily created by the bride, but today many include gadgets and power tools along with linens and china. With a universal registry, you can add from the bride and groom’s favorite stores, so take advantage of this. The registry is a chance for a couple to plan their married life together, so it’s best when both parties contribute.

Gift of moneyDon’t be afraid to ask for cash

Asking for money is realistic, not taboo! offers a Cash Gift option where you can name your fund ‘Dream Honeymoon,’ ‘Home Furnishing Fund,’ or whatever you'd like. Guests are much more likely to give cash when they know that their contribution is going towards something meaningful.

Choose a variety of gifts and price points

You don’t know what people want to spend, so make sure they have plenty of options. Also keep in mind that some guests are more comfortable with traditional gifts. Take a look around your home, see where you can upgrade, and add a few household items.

Managing your registry

Check on your registry

Creating a registry doesn’t guarantee that your gifts will always be in stock. In the event that an item is out of stock, you may want to add it from another retailer or choose a new gift. It is also good to make sure that different price points are still represented on your registry.

Announce your registry

Don’t put all this effort into your registry and forget to tell people about it! If you’re uncomfortable spreading the information yourself, offers a great option for one of your bridesmaids to send out customized E-Cards on your behalf.

Continuing your registry

Thank you cardSend your thank you notes in a timely manner

Don’t forget to thank your guests for their generosity! A month after the wedding or honeymoon is recommended, even sooner for gifts that were received before the event. simplifies the thank you note process by saving the purchaser’s information and the item they bought off your registry.

Continue your registry even after the wedding

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean it’s time to delete your registry. Keep a wish list for every gift-giving occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries to the holiday season — and someday down the line, a baby shower!

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