Man Candy Monday: Adam Brody

Adam Brody -- Man Candy Monday

Think about it: Would there be many things better in life than sitting across from Adam Brody, sharing a milkshake and trading opinions about punk rock, DC versus Marvel comics, the state of film today — and then having him lean over and give you a sweet, lingering kiss? We don't think so! Even though we're still a little smitten with his character Seth Cohen on The O.C., Adam Brody is all grown up, sexy as ever and starring in acclaimed director Whit Stillman's newest film, Damsels in Distress — alongside a bevy of hot, talented women. Seth Cohen, how far you've come! (And how little our desire for this heartthrob has waned.)

He's the hot geek
to end all hot geeks

Why we love him

This smartypants stimulates our intellect and our imagination...

Adam Brody

Born: Dec. 15, 1979

Hometown: San Diego, California

Height: 5'11"

Chrismukkah scene from the O.C.

He gave a (cute!) face to sexy intellectuals everywhere

Call it revenge of the nerds: Adam Brody made being dorky cool with his character Seth Cohen in the hit TV show The O.C. — remember his one-man quest to make Chrismukkah happen? — and got the girl! We're pretty sure geeks across the land rejoiced when hottie Summer Roberts (played by Rachel Bilson) returned his affections... and as crazy as it sounds, we have to say we were a wee bit jealous of Bilson onscreen and off (and not just because of how great she looked in that Wonder Woman Halloween costume). The pair dated in real life for three years!

Fans will no doubt think of him as comic-book-loving Seth Cohen for years to come, but he says he's OK with that:

"That was a fairly accurate representation of my thoughts and feelings at the time, and my interests," he told AOL TV. "I'm happy with it. Not that it meant a lot... you know, I've done other things that I've cared about just as much, but it hasn't meant as much to anyone else. I'm happy enough with the things I've done since and even during that I don't feel dogged by it in any way."

We're glad because we're still waiting for our own version of Seth Cohen to show up!

He was (thisclose) to playing a superhero!

As for how far he's come from Seth Cohen, rumor has it that Adam was set to play The Flash in the scrapped Justice League movie (which would have starred Man Candy alum Armie Hammer as Batman). Well, we'll just have to create our own mental image of what he looked like in that suit — which he said he tried on!

"I put it on once, yeah," he told MTV. "It was such a preliminary version that it wasn’t quite cool yet. It was only kinda nerdy... I did some poses. It was kinda what you’d think, without [certain features] -- it was the first, rough-draft version."

We hope there's another place in the superhero canon for Adam! (And another sexy costume to go with it.)

Adam Brody with Megan Fox

He's starred alongside some of our favorite ladies in the biz

Before he shared the screen with cutie Analeigh Tipton (you know her from her fab performance in Crazy Stupid Love and near win on America's Next Top Model) in legendary director Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress, Adam racked up his fair share of co-starring credits with ladies we love. Here are a few: Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, fashionista Bilson in The O.C., Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body and Bella herself, Kristen Stewart, in In the Land of Women. Not too shabby a roster!

And what was it like working with (the reportedly newly preggers) Miss Megan Fox?

"[S]he's got an in-your-face personality. She's very much a take it or leave it girl," Adam told the Huffington Post. "She comes full of attitude, but I'll take a personality like that over something safe and vanilla."

"She comes full of attitude, but I'll take a personality like that over something safe and vanilla."

We love that! And just so you know, Adam, we consider ourselves to be double-chocolate rocky road.

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Adam Brody's relationship status:

"I think every relationship I’ve ever been in has been ultimately a good thing and was really a learning experience."

Heeee's single! (As far as we can tell, anyway.) Adam's fling with Bilson cooled off in 2006, and he dated screenwriter Lorene Scafaria (recently linked with former Man Candy Ashton Kutcher!) for a bit, but they broke up several months ago.

However, he has only good things to say about his former flames... and the way his momma raised him: "I think every relationship I’ve ever been in has been ultimately a good thing and was really a learning experience," he told Wild About Movies. "I don’t have any horror stories there. I think my mom is fantastic. She’s a really great person and she instilled in us, if nothing else, compassion."

Have we mentioned how much we love a guy who loves his mom? Adam, call us!

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Gigi April 10, 2012 | 8:52 AM

Totally agree, Teena! Loving that Adam Brody is available! He's too cute.

teena April 10, 2012 | 3:12 AM

Adam is the hottest guy ever, so good to read he is single

Emily C. April 09, 2012 | 10:49 AM

I LOVED Adam Brody as Seth Cohen in The O.C.! I miss that show! He was so cute.

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