Sex Drive Boosters

All couples have ups and downs when it comes to sex and there are many ways to boost intimacy. But we wanted to share a few ideas for improving your sex life that you might not have thought of. Read on for three unconventional libido boosters.

Couple exercising together

Factor in nutrition

You might not think that what you eat affects your sex life, but diet and sex go hand in hand. Poor energy equals a poor sex life and having energy comes down to what you eat. The more tired you feel, the less likely you are to want to have sex, so the key is to eat for improved energy. Aim for small, balanced meals throughout the day so you never get too hungry (or too tired).

Focus on lean protein, small amounts of complex carbohydrates and an abundance of fresh fruit and colorful vegetables. Good fats are also important, especially when it comes to sex. Fats feed our brain and many people say good sex starts in our brain, so give it the food that it needs. Nuts, fish oils, olive and coconut oils and avocado are good sources of the fats your body needs to stay in balance.

Manage stress and be mindful

Chances are, if you’ve had a hard day at work, sex will be the last thing on your mind. This is not uncommon. Stress is one of the top sex drive killers that most couples complain about. With that in mind, think about decreasing stress as a way to improve your sex life.

One of the best ways to do this is by being mindful. This means being present in the current moment, rather than getting caught up in the stress of tomorrow or yesterday. If you can do that, you’re much more likely to get in the mood for and enjoy sex. Not to mention, the more focused you are on the moment – especially during sex – the better your experience will be.

Exercise with your partner

Want better sex tonight? Sweat it out! Rather than hit the gym alone today, make fitness a couple’s activity. Go out for a run, hike or bike ride together to boost your energy and your sex drive. Not only will you have fun and get some quality time together, you’ll be taking a big step towards better sex. Exercising releases all kinds of chemicals and hormones in our bodies which improve our likelihood to want to have sex, and which all play a key role in your sex drive and sexual experiences.

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Sanjay July 11, 2012 | 7:38 AM

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Sharon July 08, 2012 | 6:31 PM

I think exercising is the best way to have a better life. My husband and I began dating a few years back, and we both trained for a marathon. We always had energy and wanted to be ual. Now we don't work out and I'll admit things have gone downhill. We both want to be more active and are going to make that our goal.

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