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Sex isn’t always exciting. Depending on the time of year, what’s going on in your life and stress level, the bedroom can quickly become a sleep-only zone. To help you and your partner shake things up, we put together three easy ways to make your sex life more satisfying.

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Talk it up

If you want to keep your sex life interesting, you have to be willing to talk about it. This can be helpful as well as arousing for both of you. That’s right; talking about sex can turn you on. Discuss what you find exciting and whatever you would like to be getting more of from your partner. Not sure where to start? Think about what your sex life was like at the start of your relationship. What do you miss? What can be reintroduced? When you do talk sex, focus on the positive. Instead of talking about what your partner doesn't do, tell him what he can do (or do more of) to turn you on.

Develop sex signals

A wink or a simple caress on the arm is a lot sexier than saying, “Let’s go have sex.” Developing little sex signals with your partner is a great way to keep committed sex from falling flat. Some couples have their own secret or personal ways of telling each other they're interested in having sex. It can be a nod, a word or even a certain outfit. This kind of behavior helps add mystery and suspense to your relationship since you and your partner are the only ones who can understand and identify the get-frisky signals.

Add a new twist to your sex life

Avoid getting bored in the bedroom by regularly introducing new ideas to your sex life. It doesn't have to be a dramatic shift, but steering clear of sexual ruts requires creativity. What you do depends on your comfort level, but start by switching up where and when you usually have sex. If you always have sex in the bedroom, try the kitchen, bathroom shower or even a hotel room. Changing the place and situation for sex will help stir things up. You can also buy some new lingerie, test out a new sexual position (or two) or go shopping for a sex toy. The point is to take the predictability out of committed sex and make it more interesting.

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Comments on "Top 3 ways to make sex more interesting"

Andrea June 22, 2012 | 4:17 PM

I agree with Ariel that it's extremely easy to get stuck in a rut. Especially if you live together, it's easy to put it off til tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day. You KNOW you are going to see eachother everyday so that excitement/urgency sorta disinegrates. That's ok, and normal, but just make sure you spice things up to keep in interesting. Great tips!! Can't wait to try them out!

Ariel May 25, 2012 | 6:37 PM

My man and I fell victim to what this article mentions--having the bedroom become a sleep-only zone. It was really gradual and something that neither of us really realized, but after about a year of being together, our QT went from cuddling on the couch and having in the bedroom (among other places) to just cuddling on the couch, and sleeping in the bedroom. When we recognized what had happened, we decided to make a concerted effort to get things rolling again in a hot and heavy way. We went online and read reviews of toys, and ended up buying this one: http://www.blissfulgoodies/sphinx_search2.php?a=artificial_vagina&ser_key=clit+flicker&s_cid=all We were a little shy and embarrassed at first, but once we got over that, we realized how much fun it could be. It added a cool alternative to having regular one-on-one , but also invited us to bring back out our wild sides like how we were when we first got together. If you're looking for a little boost, I seriously recommend trying a toy (and this one worked well for us, so I'd say go for it!).

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