Man Candy Monday: Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne

We're randy for Randy! Whenever we catch a glimpse of him — whether it's on TV in The Lying Game or on the big screen as Luke Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning — a little piece of us is reminded of the popular boy we all had a crush on in high school. Except Randy is hotter!

This blonde beauty is our new favorite pinup

His series, The Lying Game, just wrapped up its first season, but that's not the last we're going to see of Randy Wayne — not by a long shot. He chatted with us on the phone (sexy Southern drawl and all!) about his upcoming projects, why he's a terrible liar and the most fun acting role he's ever had. Betcha can't guess which one!

Randy Wayne

Born: Aug. 7, 1981

Hometown: Moore, Oklahoma

Height: 5' 11"

Why we love him

He's sexy as can be, but there's no trace of snobbery with this down-home Southern boy (he was even in a Coors Light commercial). Put his golden locks into the mix, and you've got one hot hunk. How does he feel about being selected as this week's Man Candy? "I feel delicious," he said. Agreed!

He's sexy shirtless

The boy has acting chops for sure, but sometimes there's just nothing like a little bit of sexy swagger to get us through the day. (In the upcoming dance film Honey 2, he goes shirtless and then some, showcasing his moves as choreographer Brandon, the romantic interest of light-footed lead actress Kat Graham.)

But one of our favorite roles of Randy's was his foray into the world of fantasy as fangbanger Matt in HBO's True Blood. And Randy let us in on a little secret: 

"The coolest job for me to do was True Blood, because it was just cool. I felt like that guy in high school who rode a motorcycle."

"Of all the shows I’ve been on, that was the most fun for me to do," he told us. "The Lying Game and Sons and Daughters have been the best to me of all my jobs and the happiest I’ve been on TV, but the coolest job for me to do was True Blood, because it was just cool. I felt like that guy in high school who rode a motorcycle... 'Aw, I’m on True Blood!'"

"Even when I tell people, they say what did you play? And I tell them — I don’t look the same; my hair was dark in those episodes — they’re like, 'Oh, my God, I love that episode! Oh yeah, and then he did this…' and they quote my lines, and I’m like, I don’t remember my lines, but it’s cool that you do. It’s pretty phenomenal how die-hard those fans are."

And we're one of those fans!

Randy WayneHe's a bona fide producer

Not content to appear just in front of the camera, Wayne launched production company StoneBrook Entertainment, which boasts a list of movie credits including Open House, with fellow True Blood actor Anna Paquin as the lead. His reasons for trying his hand at producing are — like everything else about Randy — honest.

"I’ve done a lot of low-budget movies, a lot of things I wasn’t proud of, a lot of things that I felt that the producers didn’t really know what they were doing and were taking advantage of actors," he told us. "So I thought, well, if these producers and these people are just going to raise money, make a film, and profit off the actors, well, then I’m going to do it too. Because I’m an actor, and I’m going to treat everyone the way I want to be treated."

"I’ve done a lot of low-budget movies, a lot of things I wasn’t proud of, a lot of things that I felt that the producers didn’t really know what they were doing and were taking advantage of actors."

His proudest moment as a producer thus far, he says, has been working on Tag, a film about children living in a shelter who come into contact with a communicable disease deliberately passed on by the group's leader. Slated for release this year, the movie features seasoned actors including Christopher Mintz-Plasse of Superbad and Jerry Maguire's Jonathan Lipnicki.

"We’re in post-production right now, but I worked on raising the financing for this for, like, three years," he said. "And then once I got it, I got to hire everybody, I got to get amazing actors for our budget level, and to see the film finally cut, is just, man I cannot wait to get it out there, because I think people will be impressed by it. "

We love a driven, hard-working man!

Randy WayneHe's as humble as they come

He may be a high-rollin' actor now, but it wasn't always that way. Randy is quick to point out that he's an Oklahoma boy through and through — right down to his boyhood membership in Future Farmers of America (he competed against other towns in landscaping). An admirable trait of Randy's is his willingness to admit when a film wasn't his best work (Frat Party being one example, he has said) or that he's not a great dancer (we respectfully disagree!). In other words, that kind of honesty is refreshing!

"Have you ever told a lie and you feel sick to your stomach afterward?" he asked us. "If I BS about myself, it’s out there forever, so then I can’t ever take it back, and I always have to be reminded that I’m making something up. It doesn’t feel good, it’s not in my character to do that. It’s just better to be honest — why not?"

Does his unwillingness to stretch the truth have anything to do with his roots?

"No doubt," he told us. "I’m a mama’s boy; I’m pretty proud of it!"

"I’m a mama’s boy; I’m pretty proud of it!"

Randy Wayne and Sarah Karges

Randy Wayne's relationship status

Sorry, ladies: Randy's off the market. For the past seven years, he's been dating model/actress Sarah Karges, most recently known for her role in the Oscar-winning film The Artist as the laughing dancer whose voice is the first sound that Jean Dujardin hears. Not too shabby! Beauty aside, he says what first attracted Randy to this lucky lady was her vivacious personality.

"She was just really carefree and spunky and spontaneous and had a great sense of humor, because to me the two things I need most are spontaneity and a sense of humor," he told us. "And of course she’s hot, so that helps! But I’m the kind of guy who took her to a Dodger game for a date one time — we went to a Dodger game that ended at 11 p.m. in L.A., and then I was like, 'You wanna go on a road trip?' She was like, 'Yeah!' So then we drove to Sedona, Arizona, got there around like 5 in the morning, slept for two hours, and hung out there totally by ourselves."

Sounds like a dream date to us. Well played, Sarah!

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