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What can women do to have a better sexual experience?

How to spice up your sex life

Part three of a four-part series

how to have a better sexual experience!

Want to turn your sex life around? Dr. Laura Berman, OB/GYN, Oprah's sex and relationship expert, shared some of her tips on how you can crank up the heat in the bedroom with SheKnows. Today's topic: How women can have a better sexual experience — by stop obsessing about their body flaws. (Part three of a four-part series!)

Dr. Laura Berman, OB/GYN, was a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and now has her own show called In the Bedroom on the OWN network. She talked with Jamie Beckman, relationships writer for SheKnows and editor of SheKnows' sex blog, Sexcerpts, about moves women can make to create some serious passion when making love with their partner.

Now let's focus on a very important topic: your pleasure! Body image is a big part of that, and we're here to tell you that the body issues you think you have aren't on his radar — so get busy focusing on your own enjoyment!

In the video, Dr. Berman offers this sex advice:

  • Self-stimulation is OK! You don't have to rely on a man for your pleasure. "It's really about both of you, and you're as important in the sexual act as he is.... It's really about making your own sexual needs a priority and nothing to be ashamed of," she says.
  • He doesn't notice your cellulite — promise! "When he's looking at you, he just sees the whole gorgeous silhouette," Dr. Berman says.
  • Guess what: He actually likes more curves, not fewer! What men actually want is much larger than the size that women think that they should be.

Now take action! Try this tonight

Go ahead — change your mindset! Here's more evidence that men like your hourglass figure: A survey conducted by a trio of dating sites found that 54 percent of men say that heavier women are better in bed, and a whopping 84 percent of men said "a couple of extra pounds are fine by me." Read the rest of the survey results on SheKnows Sexcerpts!

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