Sexy girl with football

Once again the end of the week has rolled around and your guy is glued to football. If you can't take another minute of touchdowns and terrible towels, why not try to lure him away with some awesome halftime sex?

Interference he
won't forget

We teamed up with the girls of to bring you these five tips that will make him so satisfied that he'll totally forget about the second half of the game!

Put on the proper uniform

While we usually think jerseys are a no-no anywhere off the field, we can make an exception for the bedroom with cute NFL clothing for women. Victoria's Secret PINK and Alyssa Milano's Touch clothing lines allow you to feel confident so you'll be able to hit a homerun, score a touchdown or whatever.

Make a forward pass

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso of While the Men Watch
Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso of

Let him know up front that there's no time clock ticking on this love session. He'll appreciate the effort you put into letting him know you're ready to hit the sack! Football halftimes last for 20 minutes, so work together to try to make the passion last longer than that.

Practice your grip

There's more than one way to palm a football. Have your man show you his recommended techniques to grasp, hold and handle his equipment — then give him a play-by-play of your own.

Talk sports

Let's face it, we still have no idea what a punt is. But, put sports vocabulary into sexual terms and you have our attention! Have your man teach you a new football word each week by explaining how it would work during sex. Hint:  Start with "first down." See, isn't this fun?

Run some new plays

You're never going to score if you keep reading from the same old playbook. Be adventurous and study up on some new football moves and positions that you'd like to try. Just be careful not to go too far out of bounds!

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso are co-hosts of a live sports talk show for women at Bored by having to put up with their sports-addicted husbands, Sutherland and Mancuso say they comment on anything that regular announcers don't. From talking about the umpire's ensemble to cheering for their boyfriend of the game, it's not sports bashing, but rather a fun, fresh take on watching sports that any woman can enjoy.

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WTF January 21, 2012 | 11:58 AM

Lol, I sincerely hope women don't agree with the stupid crap written here. Here's another option: you can sit through a game or two and try to understand it. Instead of being viewed as a ------ that's crying out for attention because it can't comprehend football, you can try to figure it out and share it with the guy you love. Figuring out a game of football is not rocket science. And if you give it a chance and TRULY don't like it- go get a hobby or something while he's watching the game. Read a book, watch a show, paint something, talk on the phone-- be independent and don't pout when he's being independent. Lame. Signed, Smart, successful, CLASSY woman who has a mind as well as a vagina. PS, I won my fantasy football league this year- only girl out of 10 dudes, and they all thought it was y as hell. See, dudes think smart women are y too, and you're not just begging for attention.

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