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Over the last couple of years, it seems like we can't turn on the television without hearing about some famous philandering husband. From athletes (Tiger) to politicians (Spitzer), men of power seem to be using their power as the "power of persuasion" with the opposite sex. However, cheating can occur in almost any relationship. There are no set rules as to why or when it takes place and when it happens, it can tear two people apart.

There are some indications that can raise your suspicions about your boyfriend or husband cheating. Maybe he's putting on extra cologne? Does he suddenly have more poker nights with his buddies? Or is he working later at the office than normal? If you haven't noticed any of these things, I recommend that you start off with the obvious. Here are four simple ways to find out if he is cheating. Use it as your own personal "cheat sheet."

1Cell phone

Do you find him text messaging more than normal? If he hasn't been, that's a good sign. But I would still do some investigating and see if he has gotten a phone that you don't know about.


Is your husband on his computer or iPad at odd hours? If he claims he is checking out the latest sports scores, he is probably looking to score with something else. By the way, if the "history" option on his computer is cleared every time he walks away from it, you have to wonder.


If you know your husband's routine, than you know how many miles it takes for him to get to his job and go about his daily routine during the week. See if his mileage is higher than normal on his car.


Take a look at his Facebook page and see if he has any new friends. Or, if he claims he is getting together with his friends, see if their Facebook profile status' equal up to what he says they are doing together.

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Have you been cheated on? If so, were there any warning signs?

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Comments on "How to know when he's being unfaithful"

Kiran August 26, 2011 | 12:49 PM

i red all ur clues abt an unfaithful husband....but wen my boyfriend cheated on me....he never showed any unusual routine related to cell fone, car or computers he was damn concerned to me ....but still he cheated on me..

ramaraobobby August 09, 2011 | 9:42 AM

Being unfaithful is sin, but being a watch dog in a love relationship is more sin. True love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect and love gives freedom and respects the privacy of the other, if love isn't then it's not love, its something else. Better don't cling to one person and make him your slave, move on.. this is life girls!! (a constant change)

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