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There will always be a place for "I Will Survive" in your iPod, but if you're going through a breakup and craving something a little bit different for your earbuds, let us help! Here are a few classic (yet unconventional) song picks to get you back on your feet:

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6"Cry When You Get Older," RobynListen

We love that Robyn has made a (super-awesome) comeback.

Sample lyric: "She said: There just must be more to life than this / He said: Careful, 'cause you might just get your wish."

7"End Times," The EelsListen

A little depressing, but, hey, so are breakups.

Sample lyric: "The world is ending, and what do I care? / She's gone, end times are here."

8"Start a War," The NationalListen

We dare you not to get carried away by lead singer Matt Berninger's voice.

Sample lyric: "You were always weird / But I never had to hold you by the edges like I do now / Walk away now / And you're gonna start a war."

9"I Wish I Never Saw Sunshine," Beth OrtonListen

The "Stolen Car" singer talks about regret.

Sample lyric: "I wish I never saw the sunshine / And if I never saw the sunshine, baby / Then maybe I wouldn't mind the rain."

10"Bulletproof," La RouxListen

Dance music or breakup music? Both!

Sample lyric: "I won't let you turn around / And tell me now I'm much too proud / All you do is fill me up with doubt / This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof."

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