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Everyone knows why you should use a condom, but many men and women still aren't doing it. Various sex surveys indicated that only about 50 percent of people always use protection during sex. Worse yet, research shows that up to 20 percent of people surveyed have never used protection. We talked to two women in very different situations who have one thing in common -- they've never used a condom.

Variety of condoms

Meet Marissa

Marissa is a 34-year-old teacher living in Washington, DC. She's been sexually active since she was 16. Currently, Marissa is not in a relationship, but has what she describes as a "healthy sex life." The scary situation is that Marissa has never used a condom -- ever. Why?


"I'm on the pill," explains Marissa. "So I have never needed condoms to prevent pregnancy. And in all honesty, I think they are just a hassle.

"I actually tried using a condom once, but it seemed like it was too much trouble. Really, who wants to stop in the heat of the moment to open the package and roll that thing on."

Marissa needs to get serious with her life. With sex partners numbering "upwards of 25," Marissa is at serious risk to contracting a sexually transmitted disease, from HPV to herpes to HIV. Marissa visits the gynecologist every year or two and says that she's clean. We say that she's just lucky.

Some sexually transmitted diseases take months to show up. Others can be carried with no symptoms but can still be passed on to your partner.

Meet Billie

Billie is a 26-year-old chiropractor in Philadelphia. Billie has been with her boyfriend for just over two years. Prior to her current beau, she dated her high school sweetheart for several years.

Like Marissa, Billie has never used a condom in her life. Why?


Billie explains that she doesn't need to use condoms because she trusts her boyfriend. "My boyfriend would never cheat," she explains. "I know he loves me and that he has enough respect for me that he'd never step out of the relationship with someone else."

Though she doesn't delve deep into her boyfriend's sexual history, she's not concerned about it. "If he had something from a previous relationship, it would've shown up by now," Billie says. "I figure that if we are clean now, then we'll stay clean. I know neither one of us will ever cheat."

Has she been tested? "I go to the doctor once a year for a check-up and I've never had any concerns," says Billie. "I have never been tested for AIDS or anything -- but I'm not worried about it."

Though Billie is in a stable relationship now, that doesn't mean she is safe or protected from STDs. If Billie wants to continue to be condom-free, both she and her boyfriend should be tested for everything, including HIV, then wait six months (using condoms in the meantime) and be tested again.

Trusting your boyfriend or thinking condoms are a hassle aren't legitimate excuses for not protecting yourself. STDs are serious business and you should use a condom every time you have sexual contact.

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Comments on "Why aren't you using a condom?"

Ezzy January 16, 2013 | 7:46 PM

Don't b stupid !! I lost my virginity to my ex n we didn't use a condom I got herpes and PID contracted by chlamydia what 18 year old wants to hear that after bein so careful the world isn't like before these diseases are real and they hurt like. a -----!

Nev December 13, 2012 | 12:02 PM

I agree wholeheartedly with Meg on this one. Condoms do not feel good at all and completely take away the intimacy when having . I have never used a condom either but have always been in committed monogamous relationships with partners who disliked them as well. Having STI check-ups before, during and after a relationship allows you to keep track of your ual health status. P.S- By the way, I have always been STI free :-)

Meg October 21, 2012 | 9:20 AM

To be perfectly frank, condoms just don't feel good. They don't allow for as much stimulation. I'm on birth control, and my fiance and I never use condoms. I believe that if you're in a committed relationship, using birth control, and both partners are clean, condoms just aren't necessary. If that isn't the case, then yes, condoms are a good idea.

Lauren August 18, 2012 | 3:30 PM

My boyfriend and I don't use condoms, either. I know for a fact we are both clean and we're committed to each other. Now, if we broke up and I started seeing other people, you can bet your bootie that we'll be using condoms.

lilmama16 April 02, 2012 | 9:08 PM

Hi, when i first started to have i did use them but when i meet my boyfriend two in a half years ago iv never used one before....he was a virgin when i meet him and i had just got tested right before i met him and we have been living together just about since we meet so i know i have nothing to worry about with him with anyone else....and the same goes with me.....

Kahra October 14, 2011 | 8:16 AM

Discussion on condom usage aside, it's a bit of a ---- move to interview someone, and then insult them, rather than having the balls to ask them about it yourself. D-.

Romete July 10, 2011 | 12:31 PM

I know its risky but sometimes when we get caught up in the moment, good sense doesn't always prevail and no we don't always stop to put a condom on. However, my boyfriend and I try to have condoms handy (within easy reach). Even though we are in monogamous relationship -I also use the contraceptive pill- things can happen (I rather it didn't!) but like it or not your at risk of STDs. Your partner may pass something on from a previous relationship, hopefully not intentionally so its really better to be safe than sorry and I will indeed try harder to practice what I am now preaching!

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