Mr. Wrong

Does he seem too good to be true? Maybe he is. Consider these signs that your new guy is a womanizer.


1He promises too much, too soon.

You just met him, and he's already talking about the future. The womanizer isn't afraid to promise you the world because he won't stick around long enough to make good on any of the promises. If he's promising too much, too soon, be wary: He may just be telling you what you want to hear.

2He never calls you by name.

He calls you sweetie, honey, babe and more. At first, it's cute, but then you realize that he rarely or never calls you by your actual name. It's by design: If the womanizer never says your name, then he doesn't risk mixing it up with the name of another girl.

3He doesn't have a close female friend.

He has a lot of female acquaintances. He has more female Facebook friends than male. He gets a lot of text messages from girls... but he can't name one close female friend. The womanizer has plenty of female acquaintances because he's hoping to have sex with all of them.

4He's too complimentary.

We all love to hear compliments -- but we generally know when compliments have motives behind them. If he's overly complimentary, the womanizer is trying to get you into bed.

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It's okay if you attracted Mr. Womanizer. It happens. By recognizing that it was just too good to be true, you can dust yourself off and start looking for Mr. Right again. Staying with the womanizer type just for his compliments and promises is not the solution.


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Comments on "4 Signs he's a womanizer"

Jen March 20, 2013 | 5:20 AM

My bf is a womaniser and lies a lot too. He cheated on me 3 times in the last 6 months. Just found out this morning he cheated on me again. Cheaters never change. I was dumb to forgive him in the first place. I'm gonna break off with him tonight w/o shedding a tear :)

me February 14, 2012 | 3:06 PM

Glad I broke up with my ex when I did because it sounds just like him every bit of it -__-

minniemz April 07, 2011 | 7:09 AM

I totally agree, i was a former player beforeand i'm a girl but i never really did it for . I was just afraid to get hurt. I was paranoid that they might cheat on me so i cheat on them first. I was still young and confused then, but now i am reformed. I'm more than ready to have a serious relationship without playing any games. But in this time and age it really is becoming increasingly harder to find faithful guys coz' most of them are dogs...which is the very same reason why i became a player. Also based on my observations, other signs of womanizer/player are: -they promise to send something as a gift but never does -promises to visit and changes his mind -saying i love you in an almost believable manner complete with looking all googoo eyed when it's only been a week -keeps playing mind games/keeps testing you--it boosts their ego to know how much you are into them -barely shares any personal info or stories about family or friends -keeps asking you to send them y picture -writes poems like really kindergarten style to try to impress you he has that sentimental side -always keeps talking about -mysteriously vanishes at night -contrary to the charming act, they sometimes act rude, disrespectful and a jerk coz' they think women are after bad boys so sometimes they do it deliberately -still has profile -is extremely insecure that's why he flaunts his cars, houses..etc--guaranteed way to lure women -is insensitive to your feelings So there you go:-)

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