How to grow as a couple

Getting Better Together

Once you’ve been dating for a while (a year or more), the need to do everything together starts to fade. The focus shifts slowly back to individual ambitions and priorities, rather than couple-oriented goals. We all need our own purposes in life, but growing not only as an individual but also as a couple can be good for your relationship. Here’s how.

Couple on adventure vacation


Take a trip together.

We're not talking a one-week all-inclusive vacation, but rather something that requires a bit more work. You don't have to stay in hostels for a month, but traveling and going somewhere out of your comfort zone forces you to work as a team to overcome hurdles (missed connections, language barriers) and make the best of even difficult situations.

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2Volunteer together.

Whether you serve meals at a soup kitchen or help build houses with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering together can bring you closer and make you feel good about yourselves. Not only will you help others, but you'll also do something positive for your relationship.

3Learn something new.

Like traveling together, tackling new challenges takes you out of your comfort zone and can be very rewarding. Learn a new language, take up a sport neither of you have tried before, or get creative and take an art or photography class. Whatever you choose will be a bonding experience and something that will help you grow together.

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4Set a mutual goal.

When you first fell in love, you probably had a list miles long of things you were going to do together. Whether it's running a half-marathon, learning to surf or climbing Kilimanjaro, take some time to come up with a mutual goal and create a plan to make it happen.

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Comments on "How to grow as a couple"

Shannon August 21, 2012 | 9:21 AM

I like the idea of taking a trip together. My guy and I always traveled together when we were first dating, and we had so much fun doing it! It's a great way to bond with each other and it's fun exploring a new place together.

Britt May 09, 2012 | 1:11 PM

I am very task-orientated, so setting a goal together is something I would love. It gives us something to work towards and an attainable goal makes working together fun. Make sure the goals are attainable though, or else you'll be striving for something that can never happen.

Emma May 04, 2012 | 12:36 PM

I think that taking a new trip together can be really helpful! It forces you to communicate, work together as a team, and create lasting memories. When you try a new activity together, one person can excel over the other and create unnecessary competition and tension. Someone will always end up frustrated and that would be something to avoid when trying to grow together.

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